Established over 40 years ago, APB Trading are specialists in Land Rover and 4×4 servicing and also in vehicle accessory and expedition preparation and outfitting. APB also sells a wide range of expedition, camping and touring equipment via its dedicated equipment sales website. .

One very popular product available from APB Trading is the Norwegian made ‘G-Stove’. One of the reasons, why this compact, versatile stove is very popular is because it is highly effective when using small amounts of wood and it has lots of room inside to contain its wooden fuel. The stove was initially designed for use in tents and tipis but it can be used by anyone as a versatile and lightweight camping stove.

The stove comes with a glass door which allows for the door to be closed, and yet allow the stove to produce heat and light. The G-Stove range and its accessories are made from stainless steel and are hard wearing and very weather resistant. The design of the stove maximises the use of the fuel and also provides for a very long burn time, which helps to keep you warm on colder nights.

The Gstove company focusses on developing innovative solutions for the outdoor life and they have a design pipeline containing many products that will be launched in the years to come.

At the moment there are several different versions and sizes of the G-Stove. Including a version with an integrated oven.
In addition to the various versions of the G-Stove there are some very useful accessories such as a fan attachment which uses the heat from the stove to propel itself and which can be used to send heat evenly inside your tent.

There is a water container which can be placed on top of the stove around the chimney to provide hot water, and there is also an attachable oven which can be inserted between segments in the chimney which uses the hot air from the stove passing the exterior walls of this oven to raise the temperature inside to suitable temperature for cooking, this oven can be moved up and down the chimney, G-Stove recommend replacing pipe section two for fast cooking and replacing pipe section three for food that needs to be cooked more slowly.


For more information about the G-Stove range and the large range of accessories visit the website.