DARCHE – Australian camping products now available in Europe. DARCHE was founded in Australia over 26 years ago by DARREN O’DWYER and his wife CHERYL (DAR-CHE). DARCHE revolutionised the then-traditional swag market with the introduction of the Dome style swag, which is now the most recognised style swag.

 Today, DARCHE produces a range of camping and 4×4 touring outdoor gear such as Tents, Swags, Roof Top Tents, Awnings, Sleeping Gear, Furniture, Gear Bags and Accessories. DARCHE is overseen by experienced textile product developers and passionate staff who are keen outdoor enthusiasts with sound knowledge and experience to match.

Utilising accredited laboratories and leading processes, all developments are vigorously tested at the Victorian facility and again in real life situations by developers.

“We are passionate, dynamic and keen. We enjoy the same lifestyle choices as our consumers. We strive to provide our consumers the very best value, reliability and service and most importantly we recognise the trust they place on us. We welcome our consumer’s feedback both positive and negative and promise to keep delivering whilst listening. Servicing you, our partners for life”.


A lot more people outside of Africa and Australia are now discovering the benefits of using roof top tents as more of us are looking to get off the beaten track for long weekends to hill walk, mountain bike, kayak, go fishing etc. and quick solutions to setting up camp are becoming more important.The DARCHE roof top tents range are the perfect solution to enjoy this lifestyle. Now available in Europe these tents are constructed and engineered to specifically suit Australia’s rugged touring conditions, the complementary range includes the Panorama 2 roof top tent with annex, Hi-View Gen 2 roof top tent with annex and the Intrepidor.

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Having used different types of awnings over the last couple of years, the TURAS team never go on a camping trip without one. We normally have one attached to our vehicles for the summer months and only remove them from the vehicles and put them into storage during the winter. Awnings are a great solution for shelter for the sun or rain when cooking,eating or just relaxing under the canvas. DARCHE have a very impressive selection of awnings that include the recently launched Eclipse 180° Awning and the Eclipse 270° Aw­ning.

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The NEW Eclipse 270° Awning is designed for quick and easy set-up and pack-down by one person, providing 11.5m2 of cover over the length and rear of the vehicle. Features include two low maintenance alloy swivel hinges and a strong light-weight box-tube alloy rafter system. Covered with DARCHE ’s proven and hard-wearing proofed poly-cotton ripstop canvas the Eclipse 270° Awning weighs in at 27.5kg.

Add one, two or three optional walls to the Eclipse 270° Awning to complete your 4×4 touring/camping setup. Adding three walls increases cover to approx. 20.5m2. Individual walls can be set-up as wind and weather breaks or as an awning extension, which can increase cover by up to 4.2m2. The walls are manufactured with DARCHE ’s proven and hard-wearing proofed poly-cotton ripstop canvas.




The ridge pole trigger locking system developed by DARCHE makes the Dirty Dee swag the ultimate freestanding tourer. Near vertical walls and all weather awnings, functionality, durability and comfort have been combined into an all-round outdoor adventure companion.

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Did you know that back in the 1800’s in Australia a Swagman was known as a roaming and mostly seasonal agricultural worker who did odd jobs on farms including labour work ,rounding up and shearing sheep. They mostly slept outdoors where they laid on a piece of canvas and threw a blanket over themselves at night to keep warm.





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The DARCHE 270 Eclipse Awning – now available in Europe

Dirty Dee Swag from Darche

DARCHE Panorama 2 RoofTop Tent