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Month: December 2017

Issue Five – Winter 2017

Welcome to our Winter 2017 Issue, in this issue we explore some remote off road driving routes across the Balkans in Europe. We also have a special guest feature from Ron and Viv Moon, two intrepid explorers and well know travel writers from Australia who share their experience on a 4WD tour of the amazing Cape York in Australia. When packing for a trip it can be difficult to ensure that all your gear is packed safely and securely, to this end we take a look at some portable storage solutions for your 4WD. As the temperature drops and...

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Cape York – An Australian Adventure.

Cape York remains the premier 4WD destination in Australia but you don’t necessarily have to have a fully rigged, heavy-duty 4WD vehicle to enjoy the magic that the Cape has to offer – but it helps! Ron and Viv Moon give you the run down. When Bev and Lang Kidby drove their 1928 Austin 7, ‘Daisy’, onto the beach at Punsand Bay near the top of Cape York in June a couple of years back, they weren’t doing anything new. In fact, they were recreating, as much as possible in this day and age, the first motorised vehicle trip...

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Cooking with a Petromax Atago

We sometimes come across products that bring a smile to our faces and this is definitely one of these products. The Petromax Atago stands out on its own, in fact it is pretty much in a class of its own as an unrivaled all-rounder that can be used as a conventional barbecue, stove, oven and fire pit where you can use charcoal, briquettes or firewood as fuel. With its four basic functions this product ticks all the boxes. The Petromax Atago can be used in combination with a Petromax Dutch Oven or a Griddle and Firebowl. All you have...

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4×4 Light Bars by euro4x4parts

Hitting the tracks after dark requires a whole new level of concentration compared to driving during the day, and this is where LED lights come into their own. Standard factory lights do what they are required for general purpose but they don’t always meet the mark for those of us who enjoy exploring remote tracks at night time. The after-market lights industry has grown from strength to strength over the years, and with the reduction in prices of LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) and HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights this has allowed 4WD enthusiasts to acquire these innovative products that...

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