The Alucab Shadowawn – We have all been there, getting into camp late after a hard days touring, feeling hungry, tired and the last thing we want to do is spend too much time trying to get our camp set up for the night, particularly if its raining.

We all continue to strive towards getting our camp set up as quickly as possible so we can spend more time resting, cooking and having a cold beer while relaxing around the fire. The less time we spend trying to get our camp sorted the better the camping experience. With the continuous increase in the range of camping and touring equipment entering the market from roof top tents to awnings we are all trying to choose, within our budgets, the most suitable camp set-up solutions that offers the most efficient solution when it comes to getting our camp set up as quickly as possible.

Awnings have come a long way in recent years and they are now regarded as a key accessory for most tourers and 4WD/Camping enthusiasts. This growing market also has led to more competition between touring and camping companies and this competition has required awning designers to come up with more innovative solutions that match customer needs, now giving us some top quality awnings to choose from.

One of these high quality awnings that is becoming widely recognised as the fastest setting up awnings on the market is the Alu-Cab Shadow Awn. Like all Alu-Cab products, this 270° Shadow Awning, is built to last, this is not the cheapest on the market but, then again, it is one of the toughest. Built in the stormy Cape, this awning was designed to stand up to strong winds and harsh weather conditions.The strength of this free standing awning with its 5mm thick stainless hinges that easily and firmly articulates the strong awning arms is one of its biggest selling points.

With its innovative aluminium-coated canvas the Shadow Awn also keeps you cool when sitting under the shade on those blistering hot days. The Shadow Awn’s canvas coating with its acrylic-aluminized fabric material reflects the sun so that the temperatures are approximately 5°C cooler under the awning, now that’s pretty impressive.This acrylic-aluminized fabric material is also lightweight, waterproof and tear-resistant.

One of the main reasons why this awning has become very popular amongst tourers in recent years is because of the ease with which it can be opened and closed effortlessly and by just one person. Check out the video here that shows just how quickly the awning can be opened and closed.

The awning incorporates four arms, each containing a tie-down strap that can be used in strong winds (a peg bag & pegs are also supplied); one of the four arms incorporates a drop down pole that should be used very windy conditions. This drop down pole does not need to be used in calmer conditions and that’s why this awning can be set up so quickly.

Setting up the awning
To open the 270° Awning, simply unzip the transport sleeve. The awning is then pulled around the vehicle, and tied to a mount in the rear. To give the fabric more tension, which allows rain to drain easily, a short supporting rod in the middle of the awning arm can be pushed upwards which forces the rain water to drain off the awning. With a little practice, assembly and disassembly take less than a minute.

The awning is approximately 10m² and covers the side and rear of the vehicle,the awning is 2.6m long and weighs about 27kg.

Putting away the awning
When putting the awning away simply fold down the centre support rod. The holding strap has to be released at the rear of the vehicle, and the awning should be folded up. The fabric is then rolled up and secured using the velcro straps on the frame then just zip up the bag and away you go.

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