Attention all PICK UP owners….the Canopy Camper from ALU CAB has arrived. Now available through Alu Cabs European distributors Genesis Import this universal sized Canopy is is a game changer for pick up owners.

Fitting most medium size trucks the Canopy Camper has a full vertical rear door allowing easy entry into the camper.
This concept from Alu-Cab has been floating around for over 10 years initially when Alu Cab first started to notice a gap in the 4×4 rental market; where they identified the need for a lightweight, versatile and mid-range camper solution.

The African based Alu-Cab believe that the safari rental market is the perfect testing ground for overland gear and after exhaustive research and development they came up with a camper that was strong, had a low profile, lightweight, was both versatile and incorporated a spacious living quarters .

The Canopy Camper fits most medium sized pickups

Although the Canopy Camper was a huge success at the time, the original design didn’t get to the production line. As Alu Cab further developed in recent years the company moved away from building custom off road vehicles and focused more on a production-based business model as demand for products increased. And for this reason alone the Canopy Camper idea was put on hold.

Moving on a couple of years and as the international family of tourers increased worldwide so did the interest in having a mid range Camper and hence the Canopy Camper idea was reborn.An industry first, the new modular designed Canopy Camper is the result from both the original design and feedback from Alu-Cab customers. With numerous improvements from the original design Alu -Cab are very proud of the finished product which is now available in Europe.

Alu Cab is a pioneer and a market leader in Aluminium hardtops and camping equipment

Similar to the majority of Alu-Cab products the Canopy Camper is built from aluminium which is light, strong and does not corrode over time. Alu-Cab is a pioneer and market leader in aluminium hardtops and camping equipment for pickup vehicles and these products have been tested in some of the harshest conditions around the world with most of the R&D taking place in Africa.

No shortage of space in the canopy camper

Aluminium-Hardtop und sehr großes Dachzelt in einem Aufbau. Große Hecktür und Seitenklappen. Innenraum nach eigenen Wünschen gestaltbar. Für viele Pickups lieferbar

The designs are based on years of customer feedback


The Canopy Camper incorporates an easy-accessible vertical door with heavy-duty hinges that allow you to mount a 33” spare-wheel on the back of the door, so no need for an aftermarket rear bumper/ wheel carrier). Proprietary extrusions are used throughout the construction to allow for the drill-free fitting of accessories. The Canopy Camper also incorporates the flip-away bed which gives ample headroom and standing space, you can also leave your bedding in place when the tent is either opened or closed. The canvas is a dual layer rib block canvas giving superior insulation and protection from the elements…

The majority of Alu-Cab products like the Canopy Camper, are built from Aluminium

The addition of the roof rails facilitate the mounting of various rooftop accessories which is a big plus for a pick up. The overall weight of the Canopy comes in at approximately 250 kg (550lbs).

The Canopy Camper incorporates an easily accessible vertical door with heavy duty hinges.

Der Alu-Cab Canopy Camper ist die optimale Kombination aus stabilem Aluminium-Hardtop und großzügigem, aus dem Innenraum zugänglichem Dachzelt.Mit der großen Hecktür und den beiden Seitenklappen bietet er sehr viele Möglichkeiten den Innenraum nach eigenen Wünschen zu gestalten. Dank seiner universellen Größe passt er auf die meisten europäischen Pickups.


Optional extras include a spare-wheel bracket, National Luna LED cabin lights, jerry can holders, gas bottle holders, a 270 Shadow Awning, a sidewall awning kit, the Shadow Awning gutter kit, a table bracket, the shower cubicle, a pull-out camping table, interior canvas mesh bags, and a Molle Corner plates

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