The CTEK DC-DC on-board charging solution just got even smarter thanks to the launch of two new units. They will be direct replacements for the D250SA & SmartPass 120 units.


The D250SE unit boasts all of the features of the D250SA, but also has in addition
Flexibility: to work with any 12V service battery, including lithium (12V LiFePO4).It has three specially developed charging modes: normal (14.4V), AGM (14.7V) and now also lithium (12V LiFePO4).

Smart alternator compatibility: the D250SE will continue to operate even when there is low alternator output, maintaining a stable output of up to 20A to fully charge your service battery in the shortest time.


This unit boasts all of the features of the SmartPass 120, but also has:
Smart Alternator compatibility: continuing to deliver power to the service battery, and any loads applied to it, even when there is low alternator output


The new D250SE and SMARTPASS 120S units mean that CTEK can guarantee a solution to any 12V set-up regardless of vehicle type or battery chemistry – offering even greater flexibility. Both of these unique products have been developed to work as standalone units or together as a complete system, with dual input for alternator and solar power. Combined together, our powerful, safe and flexible charging solution gives you the ability to manage and control power more effectively – whatever your requirements.

Please contact your CTEK sales representative for further details of launch dates.