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Month: June 2017

Snow Peak Fire Pits

Do you use a fire pit when camping?Not all National Parks and campsites allow open fires but you can often overcome this by bringing along a portable fire pit. Portable fire pits are great for cooking over and keeping you warm when the temperature drops. The Snow Peak fire pits are a great and compact solution to get a decent fire going without breaking open fire rules in certain parks and campgrounds. With lots of room for a couple of people to sit around them they also have plenty of space on the grill to cook for the entire family...

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Using Firepits for Camping fires and Cooking

There is nothing quite like sitting around a campfire and enjoying a sky full of stars with your friends and family. A campfire can often be the difference between having a good camping trip and a great one. For us our best memories of camping trips are normally the ones that involve us sitting around the fire cooking our evening meals and enjoying a couple of cold beers as the sun goes down. Not all national parks and campsites allow open fires but you can often overcome this by bringing along a portable fire pit. Portable fire pits are...

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The Oldest Desert in the World – Crossing the Namib Desert

The Namib Desert in Namibia is considered the world’s oldest desert. It covers more than 102,248 square miles (270,000 square kilometers) of the southwestern edge of the African continent. In this article , Nicolas Genoud of Geko Expeditions, brings us on a 7 day adventure across the dunes.. Nicolas and his partner Sandra have traveled the world since they were 15 years old. From Costa Rica to Botswana, from Russia to Madagascar, no continent escapes their thirst for discovery. In 2003, Nicolas created Geko Expeditions which organizes and guides adventure trips whose common denominator is the discovery off the...

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Issue Three- Summer 2017

Welcome to Issue Three of TURAS Camping and 4WD Adventures Magazine In this issue we join experienced guide Nicolas Genoud on a fascinating trip through the Namib desert. It nearly time to pack for the Abenteuer and Allrad show in Germany in June, we take a look at what to expect at the show. José Almeida brings us on a trip to explore some remote and dusty tracks in Portugal. We also welcome our Auzzie friends at Drifta to Europe and look at some of their excellent camping gear. It would not be a TURAS magazine if we didn’t...

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Portugal -Off Grid – Driving dirt tracks.

From the very first moment the Dream Overland concept was conceived, it was clear to the founders that the main objective of this Overlanding company would be to discover remote parts of Portugal. This concept was not about visiting wonderful cities like Lisbon and busy beach resorts in the Algarve but rather moving away from the crowds and exploring the tracks less travelled. Most people may not be aware that Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe, with nearly nine centuries of history and traditions resulting from a legacy left by the various cultures who inhabited these...

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