Bearmach Side Steps Black Fire & Ice Style suitable for Defender 90 vehicles.

When your weekend off-roader is also the family transport vehicle, needs to get you to work, pick up the shopping and a general run around, it is important that you look after it and protect it when using it for weekend recreational use. This might mean going off-roading on a weekend with your friends or heading for your favourite campsite that might be at the end of a rocky road. So having a good pair of side steps attached to the side of your vehicle will give you protection from panel damage and will also give you some peace of mind when tackling the gnarly stuff. They will not give you as much protection as rock sliders, but I would much prefer to have a pair attached to the vehicle than not.
they also have a number of other benefits that include:

1. Helping you to get access to your roof rack and for helping you to get access to your rooftop tents zipper. With the new suspension now on the Land Rover it is now a bit higher off the ground and the new Bearmach side steps just make it easier to climb in and out of the vehicle.
2. When driving along the road they can prevent stones from damaging the side of your vehicle.
3. They can definitely add some style to your vehicle by giving it a more finished look.

Attaching the Bearmach side steps is fairly straightforward, they come with instructions that go through the installation process step by step. It’s a fairly quick job, the only issue we encountered was getting some of the old nuts and bolts off the vehicle. The side steps basically align up with existing holes on the vehicle that allow you to attach the brackets, it also comes with a clamp, and good quality nuts and bolts. When all tightened up they are sturdy and now definitely look the part .

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