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Month: November 2017

Issue Four – Autumn 2017 .

What an action packed year, where do we begin? It’s all here in these pages. At the fantastic Abenteuer & Allrad expo this year we met with lots of fascinating people and companies, and saw so many amazing rigs. We cover the show again in this issue and hopefully will give you an idea of the range of exhibitors and vehicles in attendance. As always we review some state of the art equipment that can help to make your touring and camping trips more comfortable and safe, from GPS systems to suspension, to tents and awnings to portable power...

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Tackle any Terrain with Tyre Pressure (Part 2)

IN ISSUE THREE WE REVIEWED THE POWERFUL CKMP12 AIR COMPRESSOR FROM ARB. IN THIS ISSUE WE TAKE A LOOK AT THE NEW ARB AIR 601 TYRE INFLATOR A PERFECT COMPLIMENT TO THE COMPRESSOR. Keeping accurate tire pressure is a necessity for good fuel economy, prolonged tire life and maximum traction off road. The new ARB Digital Tire Inflator Gauge, provides accurate readings and inflation for your next 4WD adventure. An accurate air pressure gauge and tire inflation equipment in your vehicle is a necessity for any four wheel enthusiast. Running the correct tire pressures for different situations and or...

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Tackle any Terrain with Tyre Pressure (Part 1)

A PORTABLE COMPRESSOR IS A PERFECT, AND MOST WOULD SAY, ESSENTIAL PIECE OF KIT FOR ANY PLANNED OVERLAND EXPEDITION. Tyres offer the best performance when they are inflated to a pressure that is appropriate to the terrain the vehicle is traversing. Normal road driving requires a relatively high pressure, while substantially lower pressure will dramatically improve your 4×4’s traction over a wide range of off-road environments. One of the best ways to increase traction over rocks or in deep sand for example, is to decrease your tyre pressure. In the article in this issue on crossing Namib, the expedition...

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Cooking Chicken Risotto in a Dutch Oven

Sometimes it’s nice and relaxing to just cook some easy food when out camping, throw a burger on the grill or make a pot of something that does not require too much attention. However with a little extra effort, it’s possible to make some more , let’s say ‘delicate’ dishes over a campfire. Here is one dish we have cooked successfully on a number of occassions, and if you follow the instructions, it should turn out well. This is still a one pot meal, but it needs to be attended to during the cooking process. The main trick with...

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