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Month: April 2018

RECOVERY KITS – Get Unstuck – The Weekender Recovery Kit from ARB

Its safe to say that one of the most vital pieces of equipment on any 4WD trip or expedition is a recovery kit. There are a wide range of kits available each of which has configurations for different kinds of requirements. The Weekender Recovery kit from ARB is a compact yet versatile kit, whose small size allows for it to be easily stowed underneath or behind a seat, and could be left permanently stored in your vehicle. Its recommended to use recovery straps with a recovery damper , for safety, dampers are available separately from ARB. The shackles in...

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The SnowPeak Jikaro Camping Table

Over the last few years DRIFTA has continued to expand in size and in the range of camping products they have on offer. Examples includes the development of the eye catching and rugged DOT camper trailers, the development of a canvas bag making department and becoming agents for the Japanese UNIFLAME and Snow Peak camping products which you can get on the DRIFTA European and Australian websites Having covered details on the Snow Peaks popular pack & carry fire pit in ISSUE 3 of the magazine we recently received another fire pit accessory (Jikaro table) that adds...

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4WD and Camping Equipment from TUFF TREK

  With the whole over-landing trend getting more and more popular around the world, we are now starting to see some innovative smaller companies coming out of the woodwork and providing niche products to an ever expanding family of 4WD tourers. One of these companies is the UK based Tuff Trek. Dara King a very experienced tourer and camper heads up the Tuff Trek operation and he pretty much practices what he preaches, DARA has been four wheel driving and camping for years having lived in Africa where his passion began. He also makes sure he takes his family...

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Home is where you park it – Camper Trailers

In Europe we are definitely starting to see an increase in the number of people interested in off grid touring and this is evident in the increase in sales of roof top tents and over landing camping equipment. Another good indicator of the growth in this market is the increase in the number of people attending shows like the Abenteuer and Allrad Show in Germany where over 55,000 off grid tourers arrive in Bad Kissingen in Germany for what is now arguably the largest annual camping and 4WD event in the world. But not everybody who has an adventurous...

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Exploring and camping wild in the Taurus mountains in Turkey.

Images Rinus Hartsuijker and Helga Kruizinga The world seems to be Rinus Hartsuijker and Helga Kruizinga playground and you will hardly ever find these two nomads in their home country in the Netherlands. “When there is a fork in the road they are always inclined to take the less traveled one’’ explains Rinus. Rinus and Helga are the real deal when it comes to overland travel. In 2014 Rinus rode a motorbike following the ancient Silk Road,that route led him through the mountains of Turkey, the deserts of Iran, into the Himalayas of Pakistan and Kashmir where he took...

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