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TEMBO off-road accessories from FD 4×4 Centre

In 1969 Gerard Daams started his company in agricultural mechanisation, producing outbuildings and agricultural machinery and soon after this he obtained the dealership for Renault tractors. Starting as a small entrepreneur he managed to grow the company. Later his sons Toine and Frank brought 4x4s into the business, and in 1996 they switched over completely to being a 4×4 company . Frank has run FD 4×4 Centre since 2014, putting a strong emphasis on in-house production and building special projects for clients in the Netherlands and all over the world. FD 4×4 Centre is an ambitious company, the guys...

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Recoveries with Soft Shackles.

Vehicle recoveries using snatch straps require a lot of kinetic energy and if something breaks in the middle of a recovery it can cause a lot of damage, serious injury, and even fatalities. The most damage can be caused when a metal shackle breaks and is hurled through the air at high speed. Unfortunately these freak accidents do happen and can be prevented by using good quality recovery gear and attaching shackles and straps to rated recovery points on your vehicle. In recent years we are starting to see more soft shackles entering the market as an alternative to...

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 Well , it has been a cold winter so far, but this hasn’t stopped us from getting out and about. As we begin to enter spring and we see the evenings begin to stretch, we thought that it was about time to start looking at this year’s latest and best camping and touring equipment, locations, camp cook recipes and news. In this issue we explore some more spectacular locations throughout Europe and beyond. We join Nicolas Genoud on a challenging expedition through the North of Europe and into Russia, we also explore Turkey with a couple of keen...

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Issue Five – Winter 2017

Welcome to our Winter 2017 Issue, in this issue we explore some remote off road driving routes across the Balkans in Europe. We also have a special guest feature from Ron and Viv Moon, two intrepid explorers and well know travel writers from Australia who share their experience on a 4WD tour of the amazing Cape York in Australia. When packing for a trip it can be difficult to ensure that all your gear is packed safely and securely, to this end we take a look at some portable storage solutions for your 4WD. As the temperature drops and...

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Next Generation Portable Wood Burning Stoves

THE FRONTIER PLUS The Frontier Plus from Anevay Stoves in Cornwall, is a next-generation portable log burning stove, suitable for tipis, bell tents, yurts, keeping warm on the patio on chilly evenings and adventurous outdoor cooking. The ‘bigger brother’ to the popular Frontier Stove. When you order a Frontier Plus Stove, you’ll get the stove, detachable ash-catcher and five sections of flue which all pack down inside the body of the stove, the stove comes with Five flue pieces and the spark arrestor included. The Frontier Plus has a whole host of upgraded features that make using it and...

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