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Issue Five – Winter 2017

Welcome to our Winter 2017 Issue, in this issue we explore some remote off road driving routes across the Balkans in Europe. We also have a special guest feature from Ron and Viv Moon, two intrepid explorers and well know travel writers from Australia who share their experience on a 4WD tour of the amazing Cape York in Australia. When packing for a trip it can be difficult to ensure that all your gear is packed safely and securely, to this end we take a look at some portable storage solutions for your 4WD. As the temperature drops and...

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Coffee on the road

Just because you are camping does not mean that your should be denied a good brew of coffee first thing in the morning. There is something very special about getting out of your tent after the sun has come up and preparing a nice cup of coffee as you take in your surroundings. Coffee lovers don’t do instant coffee very well and thanks to a variety of products now on the market we can now brew and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while sitting around the morning campfire. Let’s have a look at a couple of options Berghoff...

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6 European Camping and 4WD Destinations

Planning a 4WD and camping adventure in Europe this summer ? Europe offers some remote hidden gems when it comes to camping and 4WD adventures. Bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south you could easily spend a lifetime visiting remote campsites and exploring the network of tracks that connect approximately 10 180 000 square kilometers of very diverse terrain. We have a quick look at some of these epic destinations. 1.Portugal Most people may not be aware that Portugal is one of the oldest countries...

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Exploring the Balkans

images by Aleksander Veljkovic Could the Balkans offer some of the most picturesque European overland driving? With adventures that start at a towering 2600m, these routes will take you through some unbelievable landscapes with wild camps that overlook some amazing vistas. The Balkans, or the Balkan Peninsula as it is known,covers an area in eastern and southeastern Europe with a number of borders dividing the region.The area takes its name from the Balkan Mountains which comes from the Turkish word balkan ‘’ a chain of wooded mountains’’ that stretch from the Serbian-Bulgarian border to the Black Sea. The Peninsula...

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Happy Christmas from the TURAS team!

As the year comes to an end, we would like to thank all of our readers for sharing our journey, these past 12 months. Thanks to you all for your comments feedback and suggestions, and for following the NEW camping and 4WD touring  magazine. We have really enjoyed putting the mag together and exploring many remote and incredible locations with a variety of intrepid adventurers. We look forward to many more trips in 2018 and sharing with you some of the latest 4WD,camping, camp cooking and touring equipment on the market. Happy Christmas everyone, have a good one, and see you in the New...

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