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Month: October 2017

European Camping Rigs – Uncut

The Abenteuer & Allrad Camping and 4WD show celebrates its 20th anniversary next year 2018. The show is an annual event where 4WD enthusiasts and campers from all over the world arrive in Bad Kissingen in Germany and stay at what is now an expo in itself with the campground hosting overlanders from all over Europe.At the 2017 show we got a chance to check out some of these European touring...

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DRIFTA Camping Weekend Down under

Over the last two issues of the TURAS Camping and 4WD Adventures e magazine you will have seen us showcasing this very innovative Australian company that build everything from camp kitchens, 4WD drawers to very impressive and high quality off road camper trailers. These guys live and breathe Camping and 4WD adventures and it is very evident that they put all of their Camping products to the test in the Ozzy Bush that boasts some of the world’s most remote and extreme 4WD conditions. Luke Sutton the founder and owner of DRIFTA takes his product testing very seriously, DRIFTA...

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Touring the Spanish Pyrenees with One Life Adventure

Paul and Anne Blackburn set up OneLife Adventure in 2004 after many years of independent travel in Africa and Asia. They’ve combined their knowledge, experience and passion to plan the trips OneLife Adventure now offers, giving you the best destinations and 4×4 guided expeditions on offer today. Over the last ten years the company has gone from strength to strength, establishing itself as one of the leading vehicle-dependant travel organisation operating from the UK The Pyrenees is a range of mountains in southwest Europe that forms a natural border between France and Spain. Reaching a height of 3,404 metres...

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3 Winter Camping Hacks

As winter approaches, its time to start making some small changes to your camping setup and prepare for some colder nights in the outdoors. Aside from sitting by a roaring campfire, there are other ways to combat the effects of cold weather. In this short post, we share 3 simple tips for coping with the cold while winter camping. Your water bottle Fill your bottle with hot water before you go to sleep and put in in your sleeping bag, it will help to keep you warm during the night and the next morning, you will have some nice...

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How waterproof is your tent? Hydrostatic Head explained.

If you are planning on buying a tent for camping next year (you are, right?) and the tent is made from a polyester-based material, then you will have seen as part of the specification of the tent a ‘Hydrostatic head’ measurement, usually specified in millimeters. The is essentially a measure of how water resistant the fabric of the tent is. If the specification says your tent has a hydrostatic head of 4000mm this means that the tent fabric could hold a column of water 4000mm tall before the water pressure started to force the water through the fabric.  The...

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