Cooking Lamb in a Dutch Oven -with SnoMaster Fridge Freezers

On the road.

There is something very special about cooking your food in the great outdoors and particularly when the evenings get colder and your fire is a very welcomed luxury. For us, we always seem to appreciate the food much more when we eat camp grub straight from an open campfire, all that fresh air, sea breeze and extra energy used when outdoors does wonders for your appetite.

Preparing the ingredients

Camp cooking should also not be seen as a chore but rather a fun part of your camping trip. In our opinion it’s all about equipping yourself with the right gear and developing simple cooking techniques that will deliver the goods and will have your mates and your entire family giving you the thumbs up after your next camping meal.

Camp cooking can mean different things to different people, some like to go ‘all out’ spending as much time as they would at home preparing a complicated dish, whereas others are happy to eat beans straight from a can.

Getting the campfire going, ready to cook supper..


Keep your food cold & frozen in the dual SnoMaster compartments that are perfect for camping

For us it’s all about simplifying the process, taking your time and enjoying the experience as you cook top notch dishes that will have everyone looking for more.

Snomaster Fridge Freezer

Get your fire started

You don’t need to have every cooking gadget under the sun to be able to cook and present top class camp food. Whenever we go camping, we normally bring our SnoMaster fridge freezer which keeps our food and drinks cold, and also a couple of core camp cooking items.

Put a little oil on the lamb

These include our Dutch Oven, a portable fire pit, and sometimes our double gas burner (this is normally used if open fires are not allowed).

Add the ingredients to your Lamb Roast

One of our favorite roasts to cook when camping is a leg of Lamb in the Dutch Oven. The great thing about having the SnoMaster fridge freezer in the back of the Land Rover is that we can keep our meats frozen while on extended trips.The ingredients here are simple and convenient. All you have to do is get a good leg of lamb , some herbs,salt, oil and some potatoes and veg and that’s pretty much it.

LAMB ROAST INGREDIENTS Leg of Lamb, Salt/Black Pepper, Garlic, Rosemary, Oil

Wrap in tinfoil and place in your Dutch Oven

Wrap your leg of lamb in some tin foil, place it in your seasoned Dutch Oven and throw your potatoes and veg into your pot. Put the lid on the Dutch Oven and then put the cast Iron pot onto the fire, don’t forget to put some of the hot coals or embers onto the lid to spread the heat evenly around the oven.

Place your coals on the Dutch Oven lid and cook for approx 90 minutes approx.

Depending on the heat of your fire, you should have your roast in 90 minutes or so. You will know it’s cooked when you hear it crackling in the tinfoil.

Preparing the meal

Dutch Ovens are made to last and have been used for hundreds of years, both by pioneers exploring new lands and were also used hanging over open fires in homes where bread, and hearty meals were cooked for the entire family.These multi use pots are made of cast iron and are perfect for baking bread, cooking roasts, stews or anything that can be cooked in the oven at home.

Serving up a delicious and warming meal.

The SnoMaster fridges and freezers are equipped with a 66 Watt SnoMaster high-performance compressor giving it a high performance regardless of whether it is operating on 12, 24 or 230 Volt.


Konstruiert für den harten Einsatz in Afrika, sind die Kühl- und Gefrierboxen des südafrikanischen Unternehmens SnoMaster in vielerlei Hinsicht einzigartig auf dem Markt. Bei der Entwicklung der Kühlboxen steht der Kundennutzen an erster Stelle und es werden keine Kompromisse eingegangen, die zu Einschränkungen der Praktikabilität führen.

Carving the lamb.



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