SnoMaster Energy Saving Tips for your fridge freezer.

Snomaster 4×4 Fridge Freezers. When we are camping off grid it is always important that we use the available power we have, be it from a deep cycle battery or other sources, as wisely as we possibly can .There is nothing worse than having a fridge freezer full of produce and having to dump it all simply because you have run out of auxillary  power from not using your fridge freezer correctly. Here are a couple of tips from SnoMaster for using your fridge freezer effectively.

If the fridge is running on a battery, you should consider some of these simple, yet effective tips for energy saving.

Pre-Refrigerate your Items

For at least 12 hours before travelling, it can be very helpful to pre-refrigerate everything you want to keep in the SnoMaster fridge, in your fridge at home. You can also put the food into the SnoMaster fridge and run it on 230 Volts. For products that are still warm, it is best to do this one day before you depart on your trip.

Sort your Frozen Foods Wisely

When going on a trip for several days, sort your food by  meals to be prepared in any given day . If you cover each layer with newspaper, then less cold air can escape when the fridge is opened.

Fill up Empty Space

If a mostly empty fridge/freezer is opened, a lot of warm air comes into the box and then it must be cooled down after you close it again. This is very energy-consuming. SnoMaster recommend that you refill  empty space with frozen water bottles. The frozen bottles also help to keep the temperature in the box longer, even when the fridge is switched off.

Minimise time when opening lid

Get into the habit of opening the lid for short periods of time, when the lid is open is not the best time to have a conversation with your camping buddies as you lean over your open fridge freezer, the alarm system should remind you to close the lid.

Operating on 230 Volt

If you stay in the same place for several days without driving the vehicle (which thus reboosts the charge in the battery), then operate your fridge on 230 Volt mains power (when possible).

Solar panels

In sunny areas, installing a solar panel and/or additional batteries is also recommended. Especially if you stay several days in the same place without moving the vehicle.

Cooling Power

An empty fridge can be cooled down an average of 6° to 8°C per hour.When the fridge is switched off, warming up an empty box from 0° to 20°C takes between 13 and 16 hours depending on the model.

Energy Consumption

The SnoMaster fridges and freezers are equipped with a 66 Watt SnoMaster high-performance compressor. This, in contrast to some models by competitors, gives its highest performance regardless of whether it is operating on 12, 24 or 230 Volt.

The compressor needs approximately 5.5 Amps. at 12 Volt to run at full power. If the fridge is filled with warm food, then cooling down to 6°C can take up to four hours. The consumption is therefore roughly 20 Ah. During operation, the power consumption of the 40 Liters fridge with the lid closed, is a minimum of approx. 0.2 Amps. and thus less than 5 Ah per day. Typically, power consumption of 10 to 40 Ah per day is needed.Typical car batteries have a capacity of 70 to 100 Ah. However, this performance can not be fully achieved. You can use roughly half of the capacity of conventional lead-acid batteries, up to approx. 80% of cycle-proof batteries (AGM) and almost 100% of spiral winding batteries.

SnoMaster Energy Saving Tips for your fridge freezer. Tips for using a portable fridge freezer.  Snomaster 4×4 Fridge Freezers

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