Engineered to Endure – Offroad Monkeys – LandRover Hinges Built for extreme use. Made in Germany
The Offroad Monkeys are on the case, their goal- to make the LandRover even more resilient.

Many Offroad and expedition drivers encounter recurring issues with door hinges on their vehicles. Loose, broken or rusting hinges can be a real pain when on the road, there is nothing more inconvenient than a door that won’t properly close or stay closed, or indeed, won’t open.

Don’t despair, a solution is here. Made in Germany from high strength aircraft grade aluminium with high quality lubrication are the hinge sets from Offroad Monkeys. Made with inner stainless steel bolts with helical grooves to distribute grease in an optimal manner, these hinges also feature stainless steel bearings which can be replaced if needed without having to replace the entire hinge.

This is real engineering, used to solve a very common problem. The same level of engineering is incorporated into all Offroad Monkeys products, whether it is hinges for the doors, tailgate, window frames or bonnets.

Offroad Monkeys is a small family business that is going from strength to strength on the basis of its excellent and top quality products. Since 1985 it has been manufacturing parts for the automotive and motorcycle industry.

The fact that 4×4 driving takes a toll on every vehicle, makes all parts of a 4wd vehicle work very hard, everything is stressed and can eventually start to wear down and fail. This was the challenge that was taken up by Fabian Müller, the manager of Offroad Monkeys. Sick of seeing hinges fail, Müller decided to design his own solution to the problem, his personal motto is ‘Build things with passion that will last forever.’

The 15 person team at Offroad Monkeys design and builds the hinges on their premises in Germany, using top quality materials. All of the parts are made 100% in Germany.

Like the Landrover vehicles they are design to fit, these parts are design to last forever. As Müller says, “satisfied customer are loyal customers”.

About Offroad Monkeys Door Hinges
The original door hinges have quite a few problems. Rust tends to build up and leaks down on the door in a rather ugly manner. Humidity can get into the car. Experienced Landy drivers know that problem well. The Monkeys have a permanent solution for that problem. Their door hinges are made from high strength aluminum and are built to last for an eternity.
This new design has many advantages and innovative features.
Optimum protection against corrosion and external influences with protective anodizing
The hinges contain easy to use lubricating nipples. Stainless steel bolts with thick helical groove for optimum grease dispersion.

Exchangeable friction bearings(stainless steel)
The parts are complex and precisely milled to give your Landy a new optical highlight
If you install these hinges you will have a permanent end to rusting and jamming door hinges.
The Offroad Monkeys Hinge Kits fit all Land Rover Defender 90, 110 and130,1988 and up. Parts can be created for other models on request
2 door kit includes: 4 hinges
4 door kit includes: 8 hinges
These kits include mirror mounts and fitted seals for paint protection
Stainless steel mounting kit(screws) are also available as an option.
The heavy duty spare tire and the dynamic load changes take a heavy toll on the original rear door hinges. Many Defender drivers are familiar with the strong wear of the door hinges and squeaking and creaking noises that can be made by an aging rear door. That was the reason Offroad Monkeys decided to develop durable rear door hinges using high strength aluminum.
They are fitted with exchangeable friction bearings. The bolts have a thick helical groove for better grease dispersion. These high tech hinges can withstand even permanent heavy use without wearing out. External add-ons like spare tire carriers are not needed any more. There will be no intrusion of water or humidity into the door due to the precise fitting of the hinges.

The Offroad Monkeys make everything from the components to the finished part in their own workshop. Manufacturing parts for both the automotive and motorcycle industry. The team there attach great importance to using the best materials,to provide the highest precision and longevity. These parts are built to endure all kinds of rough treatment and tough environments.

The Team at Offroad Monkeys really stands behind the quality of its products, and are proud of the fact that these products are built 100% within Germany. You can see their passion shining through in the products. And the team there is always ready to help you to fit the parts or to make special orders for your vehicle.

Business is booming for the company as more and more people become aware of the products , and the positive experience of customers is leading to a strong growth within the marketplace for Offroad Monkeys parts and accessories. The guys are frequent visitors to trade shows across Germany. Be sure to drop over and visit their stand the next time you see them.


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