The Scrubba Tactical Wash & Dry Kit is a handy item to have with you when on the road for extended periods of time. This kit allows for you to wash and dry your clothes without the use of any powered equipment.

Simply fill the Scrubba wash bag with water (warm water works best but is not required) and add a little clothes washing detergent (liquid detergent works best). If you don’t have clothes detergent with you, you can use shampoo,soap or even washing up liquid for this purpose. Indicators on the bag show how much water is optimal to add for different sized loads. Then add your clothes to the bag, roll it up and seal it like a normal drybag, you then open the air valve and push out the air to flatten the bag. It takes about 3 minutes of ‘scrubbing’ pushing the bag against the clothes inside and against its built in internal washboard, to clean the clothes. Larger items, like a pair of jeans might take a few minutes longer or require two scrubbing sessions to clean.The handy transparent panel in the bag lets you see the clothes while you are washing them.

We found that a couple of t-shirts, pairs of underwear and pairs of socks was an optimal load size.

When you have finished scrubbing the clothes, pour out the dirty soapy water (at least 60M from any water course if wild camping, and in a suitable disposal area if in civilisation) and then add some fresh water to rinse out the clothes,and then dispose of the water again.

You can then wring out your clothes to remove most of the water and then par dry them by patting them dry in the extra large microfibre towel provided in the kit. Your clothes can be then hung out to dry on the two included inflatable coat hangers or can be hung onto the heavy duty pegless travel clothes line which is also included in the kit.

This kit is a great solution for ensuring that you always have some clean clothes available when travelling, and its manual nature means you can use it almost anywhere, it is environmentally friendly and also very quick to set up and use. The kit packs up very small 19cm x 19cm x 8cm and is very light. Having a scrubba with you also means that you can afford to pack a lot less clothing than if you were not planning on washing clothes on the road.