Out of Africa- National Luna Rugged 4WD Equipment from APB Trading Ltd. Expedition Equipment.
Established over 40 years ago, APB Trading are specialists in Land Rover and 4x4s as well as vehicle accessories and outdoor equipment.APB Trading. Under their brand Expedition- Equipment.com they also outfit and sell a wide range of top quality equipment to the 4WD touring and overlanding markets.

Phillip Bond, founder of APB assisting a customer at a recent trade show.

Philip Bond, the company’s founder and managing director explains that the company is proud to be selling a range of top quality products from a range of South African Equipment manufacturers. In many cases these South African companies were amongst the first to create new categories of robust touring and camping equipment for this specialised customer base.

APB Trading Exhibit at the Spring Adventure Overland Show in the UK

One such of these companies is National Luna , National Luna’s wide range of specialist 12-volt products are aimed at the 4×4 and caravan touring industry. National Luna has been a market leader in the leisure industry for the past 30 years.

The APB store at the 2018 Adventure Overland Show, Summer Edition.

Its products are developed and manufactured in South Africa with strict quality and performance requirements ensuring that customers have peace-of-mind when travelling to remote environments. In addition to its range of refrigeration, lighting and battery management products it also offers a wide selection of accessories which are ideal for customizing an equipment installation.

Fridges being built at National Luna in South Africa

The company is perhaps best known for its portable refrigeration systems, but it produces a wide range of products also including battery and portable power solutions, Dual Battery Systems, LED lighting systems and more. Its fridges are available in sizes from 40 litres up to 125L and have very low battery consumption and are very robustly made.

On the road with National Luna Equipment

Boasting the largest range of 12V fridge / freezers in the world, National Luna is the only commercial manufacturer of off-road fridges in SA, and the preferred supplier to major off-road trailer and caravan manufacturers. In 2002 the company became the first 4×4 fridge manufacturer to release a dual compartment fridge, a fridge also, in which the temperature of each compartment could be controlled individually, with one fridge and one freezer compartment. The fridge used a single compressor and electronic control unit, which meant that the fridge contained more usable space, whilst also being smaller than fridges with multiple compressors, it was also cheaper to manufacture.

National Luna- Offer a very wide range of fridge freezers

National Luna was also one of the first companies to offer a commercially available dual-battery solution to the global off-road market; and, for many years after, it continued to pioneer industry firsts in terms of dual-compartment refrigeration, battery monitors, 12V fluorescent outdoor lighting, and more.

Food stored in fridge and freezer compartments

Today, the company offers a host of dual-battery solutions (including DC-DC and solenoid), as an answer to a growing list of applications. National Luna has collaborated with battery manufacturer , Discover Batteries, and its in-depth technologically advanced battery-testing equipment has enabled it to reveal some charging issues and limitations around 20 amp DC-DC chargers as opposed to older solenoid based systems that National Luna still offers (in some cases the DC-DC systems analysed were acting as power restrictors and unnecessarily limiting the charge being sent to the batteries being charged). They found that solenoid based chargers offered faster more reliable charging than 20 amp DC-DC chargers, of course 40 amp chargers are more effective (and expensive). Now the company offers a range of DC-DC and Intelligent Solenoid systems, both of which have been optimsed based on the company’s extensive research.

APB Portable Power Pack

National Luna , also produces an Intelligent Maintenance Charger, which features a 5-year guarantee The kit includes battery clamps, as well as a quick-connect coupler and a fused cable for more permanent installation.

Quality Stoves available from APB Trading on display at the Adventure Overland Show.

The charger continuously monitors the terminal voltage in order to determine if a maintenance charge should be initiated. If the battery voltage drops, due to self-discharging (or a load), the charger re-applies current to keep the battery full.

The new National Luna NLDC-25 features a 6-stage charging algorithm, designed to suit four different battery types. Upon installation, one can select either AGM/Gel, Calcium, Wet-cell, or Lithium-Ion from the various battery options.

To learn more about National Luna’s extensive range of robust, innovative and advanced 4×4 fridge systems, Dual Battery , maintenance charging systems and LED lighting solutions, check out APB’s online expedition shop at www.expedition-equipment.com
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