For more than 3-years, National Luna has been developing an entirely new range of fridges equipped with superior insulation and an all-new compressor. They named it ‘The Legacy Range’  and, in October last year, it was officially launched into the market.

The 50 Litre Legacy Stainless Steel is the ideal fridge/freezer combination for recreational users. With separate 38.3-litre fridge and 11-litre freezer compartments. These fridges are designed to be tough and to operate in the most demanding environments. Available in Europe via APB Trading Ltd. National Luna has a reputation for being the first, and the best when it comes to producing portable refrigeration systems.

The 50L Legacy features a Dual Compartment Fridge/Freezer and uses a new National Luna designed off-road compressor. The unit has a dual digital temperature controller allowing for a temperature range of 20c to -24c in the right bin and 20c to -18c in the left bin. The unit uses 42mm High density polyurethane insulation and has a built in battery monitor with battery protection, an internal LED light, stainless steel latches and a range of optional accessories including a mounting plate and protection cover, and all units come with a 3 year warranty and a limited 8 year compressor warranty.

It is somewhat of a feat that National Luna products are available this year, as on 22nd November last year a fire broke out in National Luna’s fridge-service and pre-assembly unit. The 1 000-sqm building, and all of its contents, suffered irreparable damage that caused the total shutdown of it’s fridge-production facility, including product that was destined for Australia, the USA, UK, Europe and it’s local South African market. Some essential and specialist machinery pivotal to the production of the fridges was also destroyed.

Fortunately, only two of the plants buildings were destroyed. The manufacturing of its dual-battery systems, battery chargers, portage-power packs, LED lighting and Ice Makers remained in full production.

But despite this enormous setback the company is now out of the ashes and is swiftly restoring production capacity, thanks to a new facility close to its head office. Production is underway on select models (including the Legacy range) and capacity is expected to be back to normal during the summer. National Luna has been a market leader in the leisure industry for the past 30 years.

Today, it is one of the largest 12v manufactures in South Africa and specialises in the manufacture of refrigeration, lighting and battery management products. National Luna’s wide range of specialist 12-volt products are aimed at the 4×4 and caravan industry. You can learn more about and also purchase its wide range of products in Europe via APB Trading Ltd.