DRIFTA Camping Weekend Down under. Over the last two issues of the TURAS Camping and 4WD Adventures e magazine you will have seen us showcasing this very innovative Australian company that build everything from camp kitchens, 4WD drawers to very impressive and high quality off road camper trailers.

These guys live and breathe Camping and 4WD adventures and it is very evident that they put all of their Camping products to the test in the Ozzy Bush that boasts some of the world’s most remote and extreme 4WD conditions.

Luke Sutton the founder and owner of DRIFTA takes his product testing very seriously, DRIFTA are all about selling top quality products that will stand the test of time and the only way they can stand over this is by putting these products through their paces in the great outdoors.

We recently caught up with the guys Luke, Kaito and Jake following a trip they made to the NSW coast where they were testing one of their recently built DOT 4 4WD camper trailers.

Luke Sutton owner of DRIFTA and his son Kaito.

The DRIFTA DOT trailers are made in the Gloucester DOT factory in Australia, these robust trailers sing adventure and are built using Australian suppliers and components, everything from the steel, rims toolboxes, side-box, canopy; and canvas are all Australian made.

It is not all work at the DRIFTA HQ and the guys do love any excuse to get out and about but this normally incorporates testing new products and the recently built new DOT 4 camper trailer needed a hard core test run. It was decided to pack up the gear and set the GPS for McBrides Beach near Forster in New South Wales.

The guys take testing the products they sell seriously


DOT stands for DRIFTA offroad tourer and that is exactly where they would be taking this new addition to the DRIFTA fleet of trailers OFF ROAD. Luke and his son Kaito, EU DRIFTA manager Jake and his sister Nika who was visiting from the Czech Republic would be taking the new DOT 4 to the beautiful McBrides Beach near Forster in New South Wales.The track that descends into this beautiful remote beach is as challenging as you will get and you certainly will not see to many people if any attempting to take a camper trailer down this treacherous terrain.

Testing new products at McBrides beach.

The lads would also be taking down the new Toyota 200 series to see what it was capable off and the trustee 76 series . The guys left the DRIFTA HQ early as it’s winter time now in Australia meaning shorter days and limited light in the evening. On arriving at the entrance to the track that will take you down to this idyllic beach it was time to let the tires down from forty psi to twenty psi allowing for good grip on this uneven and slippery in parts terrain.

Jake said that the track is very steep in parts with some big washouts taking up large sections of the track that on more than one occasion led to two to three wheels in the air. As highlighted by Jake the four foot off road trailer was being towed by the DRIFTA 76 Series and performed exceptionally well as it descended towards the beach.

Jakes sister Nika cooks up some tasty kebabs on the beach.

Besides just a dent on the mudguard it arrived on the beach unscathed, Jake was also very relieved to have put new rock sliders on the new 200 Series as without them there would have been body damage on the new vehicle for sure. The guys also brought some new camping equipment to test on this trip all stored in the new DOT trailer,they included the IGT set up that includes the double BBQ box for cooking and washing up and the Snowpeak iron grill table set up, the expansive Hexa tarp and the recently designed and impressive looking Drifta fire pit.

This new fire pit was designed by Lukes mate Tobi who is an engineer from Germany, the clever design is built at the DRIFTA HQ and has just recently hit the shelves and is proving to be very popular.

As the sun went down at this idyllic location Jake’s sister Nika prepared some tasty salad and Shashlik kebabs for dinner while Kaito got some impressive drone shots while his Dad Luke and Jake worked on freeing up the bogged 76 series from the sand , thank god for MAXTRAX for helping to get the 76 out safely.

The new DRIFTA DOT 4 offroad camper trailer

The new DRIFTA DOT 4 offroad camper trailer

The temperature dropped fairly quickly as the sun disappeared and that’s when the new DRIFTA fire pit came into its own keeping everyone nice and warm as the everyone sat down around the blazing while enjoying a few well earned cold beers. These guys from DRIFTA are passionate about camping off the beaten track, everything they do from designing, building to testing these quality camping products is all based on what they have learned from being out in the bush and we certainly hope to hear more from them in future TURAS Camping and 4WD e magazines.

Jake sets up the awning on the DOT 4


Check out the DRIFTA you tube page by clicking here.

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