Vehicle Awnings for Camping – Protection from Sun and Rain.

Awnings have been used in hot climates for years mainly to protect tourers from the heat and the sun’s rays.In fact it’s very unusual to see vehicles equipped for camping and touring in places like Australia without awnings attached.

And like everything else where there is a demand for product you will normally get better value for money. Unlike keen campers and outdoor enthusiasts in the southern hemisphere we don’t seem to have yet gotten the awning bug.Yes you will see them attached to caravans and mobile homes mainly because they are part of the package but how often do you see them attached to the side of four wheel drives though the interest in awnings does seem to be improving a bit?.

For us it’s simple if you are into camping and you come from a country where it rains a lot, well in our opinion one of the best accessories you can get to combat the elements is an awning. Awning designs for vehicles and 4 wheel drives come in all shapes and sizes and are mostly simple to attach to your vehicle.

All you really need is either a roof rack or roof bars with attaching mounts and when fitted all you do is just roll them out and you will instantly have increased your camping space that is sheltered from the elements. No more sitting in your vehicle waiting for the rain to stop so you can cook your camp feast outside.

Having used different types of awnings over the last couple of years, we now never go on a camping trip without one. We normally have one attached to our vehicles for the summer months and only remove them from the vehicles and put them into storage during the winter.

It is one of our favorite accessories and has saved us and our families from many the downpour over the years and with recently added detachable walls that fit to one of the awnings, this has added a whole new dimension to our camping set up and the family loves it.

Awnings are a great solution for for cooking,eating or just relaxing under the canvas when it’s raining, with some options on some designs you can also add side walls which will give you extra comfort from windy conditions and this also allows the kids to play in comfort while the bad weather passes.We have a James Baroud attached to one vehicle and the beauty about this one is that it comes with the stylish and easily detachable side walls effectively creating a dry living space in bad weather and with small kids on board this this has been a super addition to our set up.

Vehicle Awnings for Camping – Protection from Sun and Rain.