The SnowPeak Jikaro Camping Table.
Over the last few years DRIFTA has continued to expand in size and in the range of camping products they have on offer. Examples includes the development of the eye catching and rugged DOT camper trailers, the development of a canvas bag making department and becoming agents for the Japanese UNIFLAME and Snow Peak camping products which you can get on the DRIFTA European and Australian websites

Having covered details on the Snow Peaks popular pack & carry fire pit in ISSUE 3 of the magazine we recently received another fire pit accessory (Jikaro table) that adds to this superb camp cooking set up. The Snow Peak fire pit on its own is a unique fire pit that is both sturdy and compact. The fire pit also has a variety of cooking and grilling accessories that can be added to your setup and will definitely improve your camping experience.

But when you add the Jikaro table to the fire pit, this turns a good outdoor camp cooking setup into a great one in fact we have yet to come across a set as interesting as this one.

Basically the Jikaro table surrounds the firepit and totally transforms its use, made from stainless steel this very innovative dining table can be set up very quickly. Mostly used for cooking, the design of the table that hugs around the fire pit makes for a very cosy and communal way of cooking and enjoying a meal with friends and family. Suits both large and medium fire pit 10 kgs.


The table very much reflects the horigotatsu table which is a type of traditional Japanese table that’s low to the ground. Typically the Japanese eat at low dining tables and sit on a cushion placed on tatami floor (a reed-like mat. Sticking with this tradition the Jikaro table is a beautiful design that cleverly integrates with the Snow Peak fire pit. The table locks together with some ‘thumb wheels’ and is all made from high quality stainless steel.

This is a very social and a great way to have a barbecue. DRIFTA recommend starting with a nice fire in the fire pit and allow the wood logs to burn to a bed of hot coals. After about 45 minutes, the guys then start adding some heat beads over the fire.

You should raise and lower the top grill net as necessary to adjust the heat. And then when the flames are low and the beads are hot you can cook your favorite foots on the grill and grill plate. Once you are finished cooking, take off the grill net/hot plate, throw on some small logs, and you will be back to a beautiful flame to sit around and enjoy.

DRIFTA have also designed a high quality canvas bag for the Jikaro Table

The DRIFTA custom made Jikaro canvas bag measures 720 x 160 wide x 420 mm high, and is designed to fit the Jikaro table perfectly inside. This DRIFTA canvas bag also o includes two pieces of soft boot liner. These act as dividers to protect the table segments from scratching and getting marked when moved about (the Jikaro table comes with four flat stainless steel table sections). Like all DRIFTA canvas products this is a very high quality canvas bag with large YKK zips, and a strong webbing handle.

Similar to companies like North Face and Patagonia,the Snow Peak’s journey began with an adventurous spirit. Set up in 1958, when the founder Yukio Yamai, an accomplished adventurer and mountaineer, created his own line of superior climbing gear out of the discontent for the current gear on the market. The company’s home in Sanjo City, is in the Chūetsu region of Niigata Prefecture in Japan, which is also known locally as the hardware town for its history of fine crafted metal work.

Over the years Snow Peak has extended its range of high quality camping and outdoor equipment, that includes, tents, fire pits, camping accessories like cups and cutlery, camping tables and much more. Built at the Snow Peak headquarters in Japan these pits are now being distributed throughout Europe and in Australia by DRIFTA.

The Jikaro table is a very clever design that allows other additional tables supplied by Snow Peak to be attached to the set up providing additional food preparation and eating space. It really is a bit like the MECCANO or LEGO for campers, and you can tell that a huge amount of thought went into the design of this concept by the Snow Peak team. It is without a doubt a 10 out of 10 for design and functionality with the table allowing six to eight people to get closer and sit around the firepit comfortably, and isn’t that what camping is all about?

Weighing in at just 10 Kg it can be easily stored on your roof rack or in the back of your 4WD.The Japanese based Snow Peak do not sell cheap products but when you see the quality of their camping innovations you will see why these products are always in demand.DRIFTA have certainly brought these products to the attention of the Australian camping world and have created a huge fan base as a result. DRIFTA are now selling a wide range of the Snow Peak products through their website in Europe including the top notch Jikaro table .

The SnowPeak Jikaro Camping Table