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In ISSUE 3 we had a look at DRIFTA an Australian company that has grown rapidly down under over the last few years and now has started to sell its top class camping and 4WD products into the European market. DRIFTA build everything from camp kitchens, 4WD drawers to very impressive and high quality off road camper trailers, they are also agents for the Japanese Snowpeak and UNIFLAME brands which continue to innovate and create high quality camping products.

 Over the last few years the company has continued to expand in size and in the range of camping related products they have on offer, they continue to innovate and as a result of increased demand and customer satisfaction they have recently built a canvas bag and camper trailer factory at the company’s HQ in Gloucester in NSW, Australia. DRIFTA put a lot of time and effort into building practical and high quality products like the eye catching and rugged DOT camper trailers, the DRIFTA camp kitchens, 4WD drawers ,the rapid development of a canvas bag making factory and becoming key agents for the high quality Japanese made Snowpeak and UNIFLAME camping accessories.

Could this be one of the best camp cooking setups on
the market?

One thing that you can be sure about the DRIFTA products both the ones they manufacture themselves in Australia and the Japanese ones they act as agents for is that they are all of a very high standard .As a follow-on from our introduction to the Snow Peak fire pit in ISSUE 3 we have recently also been using a couple of additional accessories from the Snowpeak range and DRIFTA made canvas bags all of which are now available in Europe and can be viewed on the DRIFTA European website

Some of these products include accessories for the large Snowpeak fire pit i.e. the base plate & stand,the ½ hot plate and ½ grill for the large fire pit, the slick barbecue tongs and the large chop-board/knife set combo which includes the folding timber chop board with kitchen knife stored inside and the DRIFTA made boot liner bag.

We have also been using some of the DRIFTA camping related bags which are made from high quality Australian canvas, they include the large multi use firewood/ rubbish bag, a neat tote bag and these are just a couple of large selection of bags that are now available on the website.

There is something special about using canvas bags as storage options, not only are they durable and waterproof but they have that unique old fashioned look that just look the part, in our opinion.

Baseplate and Stand

The clever baseplate stand folds in half and flat and like all of the other fire pit accessories they also pack neatly into the purposely designed DRIFTA fire pit canvas bag. The base plate stand comes in two separate pieces that click together. Note that the stand fits both the large and medium firepit.

Benefits of using the stand and plate include allowing for air to travel freely which fuels your fire but the key benefit for the stand and base plate is that they allow you to have a fire on a grass surface for example without scorching the ground and leaving no trace of a fire. The stand and the base plate also raise your fire allowing you to get closer to it and keeping warm on those cold starry nights.  Learn more..

1/2 and 1/2 Cooking Set

The ½ and ½ grill and cooking plate accessory fits the large fire pit and offers a whole new dimension when cooking in the great outdoors. The ½ net (grill) allows you to cook your meats, kebabs etc over your fire and the ½ hot plate with its 40mm deep pan like space allows you to simultaneously cook other foods like vegetables, onions, stir frys,stews, peas, beans etc giving you your friends and your family plenty of options when it comes to dining out after a busy day on the tracks.

The hot plate is particularly useful for cooking breakfast, allowing you to cook your bacon eggs mushrooms, French toast or whatever you fancy on the deep hot plate. Also the ½ and ½ system allows you to boil your water for your morning coffee by just taking the grill plate off and putting your coffee kettle/billy directly on the fire. It is also worth noting that they are easy to clean and of course can be packed away into a specially designed DRIFTA canvas bag which is also an optional extra.

Like all the Snowpeak products they are made from high quality steel and will last a lifetime if looked after. You should always store your hot plate and grill dry after use. Learn more..

Knife and Chop Board Combo

The large chop board Snowpeak chop board and knife set is a real camping luxury but for those of you who take your camp cooking seriously who says you can’t have good quality cooking implements as part of your camp kitchen setup.

The large Chop board/Knife Combo includes a well crafted folding timber chop-board with kitchen knife stored inside and a DRIFTA made boot liner bag that protects the wood when stored away. The chop board dimensions are 360 x 236 x 19 mm open 360 x 118 x 34 mm closed, and the combo weighs 850 grams. Learn more..

BBQ Tongs

Another high quality product from the Snowpeak range is this neatly designed barbecue tongs. It is made from stainless steel with serrated ends, has a timber handle and it’s relatively lightweight weighing just 200mm.

These 410 mm long tongs are very useful for moving your pieces of wood around when starting your fire, the serrated teeth allow the tongs to easily pick up, grip and turn food when cooking on the grill. They are made from high quality solid stainless steel and like all Snowpeak products they are made to last. Learn more..

Canvas Firewood bag

Who would have thought a large canvas bag would be so useful for gathering and carrying firewood when camping and for using it to store your rubbish and take it home in after a couple of days camping. The simplest ideas are always the best, we have all been there, arriving at your camp and having to go and pick up whatever firewood you can carry at one time. You can only carry so much and we can waste lots of time searching gathering and returning to camp before heading off to gather more wood. The large canvas bag makes it so much easier, it simply means that you can put your firewood into the bag as you find it and not return to camp until it’s full with wood.

Also how many times have your grappled with putting your rubbish into plastic bags after a few days camping and trying to secure these bags to your roof rack . The simple solution by DRIFTA also sorts out this issue.The bags are made from 12 ounce canvas and can be got in two sizes, the medium sized back is closed with velcro sewed into the canvas and the large bag is closed using a drawstring. Learn more..


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