Charcoal BBQ Starter: Charcoal has been used since earliest times for a large range of purposes including art and medicine, but by far its most important use has been as a fuel for cooking. It is also interesting to note that Charcoal is the traditional fuel of a blacksmith’s forge intense heat is required making it perfect for camp cooking.

Charcoal was also used historically as a source of black pigment by grinding it up. In this form charcoal was important to early chemists and was a constituent of formulas for mixtures such as black powder.

Due to its high surface area charcoal can be used as a filter, and as a catalyst or as an adsorbent. Charcoal is the lightweight black carbon and ash residue hydrocarbon produced by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances.

It is believed that the charcoal briquette was first invented and patented in the USA in 1897 and was produced by the Zwoyer Fuel Company.

The Drifta / Uniflame charcoal fire starter is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get your coals heated quickly and without the use of lighter fluid etc.

Uniflame is a Japanese company whose products are promoted and sold by the Australian based Drifta who have now set up a distribution network in Europe where you can purchase a whole range of high quality camping and 4WD related accessories.

The fire starter is made from high quality Japanese steel. The fire started comes flat packed and is very easily stored. The clever design is very simple incorporating a folding grate that locks into position.

All you need to do pour the required amount of charcoal into your fire starter and place 2-3 small fire lighters underneath the charcoal starter and light them. It will take approximately fifteen to twenty minutes to heat your charcoal beads.

Not sure how we managed before without a charcoal fire starter, they really speed up the heating of charcoal beads and by not having to use lighter fluid you won’t have to worry about getting fluid on your steaks. You will be surprised how much charcoal they will hold and heat.

The ventilation holes are what make these products so efficient. This is a very high quality Charcoal BBQ starer which  can be neatly stored in the back of your 4WD, and like all of the Snowpeak and Uniflame cooking products they will last a lifetime if you look after them.

For more information on the Uniflame Charcoal BBQ starter contact DRIFTA the European suppliers at

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