Quality Hand Made Canvas Bags- Made in Australia by Drifta.

Over the last few years DRIFTA has continued to expand in size and in the range of camping products that they have on offer. A key part to this expansion has been the development of the DRIFTA canvas factory that happens to have been hugely successful amongst the existing and growing number of DRIFTA fans.

Drifta Bags

Drifta Bags

The DRIFTA canvas bags products and designs cover everything from bags that are designed specifically for a number of the Snowpeak products, tote bags, rubbish & firewood, shopping and some very eye catching traveling bags to name a few.

Versatile and Robust Storge

Versatile and Robust Storge

One of these designs includes the weekender bags. These canvas bags are a simple design that just work very well and are perfect for storing you clothes in for a couple of days when camping.

The weekend bag is the perfect size for a weekend camping trip

The other great thing about these bags is the rectangular design which works very well for storing and stacking in the back of your 4WD. The bags design allows you to neatly stack a couple of these on top of each other without taking up to much space.

These Australian canvas bags are all designed by DRIFTA in NSW, Australia

The other stand out feature is the quality of the canvas and the simple design, like all DRIFTA canvas products these are made to last and if looked after these bags will last a lifetime.

The bags have an internal pocket and hard wearing marine carpet liner on the bottom.

Lastly canvas has been around for years though it is not being used by the military as much as it was in the past,it has always maintained an appeal for those who have used canvas products.

The TURAS team Always use these bags on our camping trips

Sure big canvas tents are no longer as practical with advances in lighter waterproof materials now used in tents. But products like the DRIFTA canvas bags have huge appeal to the camping and touring world not just because they are top quality but also because they also just happen to look the business.

The variety of sizes and colours means a bag for every purpose

DRIFTA canvas bags use high quality YKK zips

Quality Hand Made Canvas Bags- Made in Australia by Drifta