The team of professionals at My Overland Shop by Black Label trade is passionate about offroad touring, camping and overlanding with all team members having extensive experience of their own adventures and explorations. The company will soon be 25 years old. Throughout this time the experts at my overland shop have identified and built an extensive catalog of first-rate products, material that stands out for its quality and the prestige of manufacturers from all over the world, and all products are distributed from Spain to customers across Europe.

In recent months the team has worked hard to fine-tune the company’s webstore. Here you will find the best products for that long-dreamed overland trip.

As you will see on the webstore, in addition to bringing together the best Overland products, another level of adventure with a Bushcraft touch is offered. Two themes that will make your trips unforgettable. And what is Bushcraft? It is not about surviving as many define it, but we would be talking about pure survival, and that is not the purpose. Bushcraft is like returning to the past, when explorers did not have the modern means of today. It is living with and from nature, with or without special tools, working with what you find along the way, with what nature itself gives you to reach your well-being, wherever you are.

The team at My Overland Shop doesn’t want to, offer you every product for Overland and Bushcraft. But they do want to offer you select products of the highest quality for off road vehicles and vans, camping and Bushcraft.

They also have at your disposal accessories such as complete suspension kits, shock absorbers, wheels and much more. Products by premier brands such as DARCHE, Petromax, Dare2beDifferent, Big Country, ENGEL, Front Runer and more are available to order.

In a previous issue we took a look at The Nomad Fox stackable storage boxes which are designed and manufactured for extreme and intensive use. These storage boxes are perfect for off-road travel, expeditions, military use, for campers, hunters, fishermen, rescue professionals, bikers, kayaking, and adventure sportspeople, …basically any activity that may require the proper storage of your gear for transport and outdoor use.

These boxes are lightweight yet extremely tough. The box and top are manufactured with polypropylene copolymer (PPC), which is highly, impact, and stress-crack-resistant. This material also retains its characteristics very well at low temperatures.

The rugged, reinforced design is attractive and the boxes come in 3 colours, black, olive green and sand.

We also tested The Engel MT-V35F 32L Portable Fridge/Freezer features the latest world-renowned Sawafuji swing motor which provides almost unbelievable cooling and power efficiency with VERY low consumption. The single zone device can be used as either a fridge or a freezer and as a freezer can reach a temperature of -18C. The latest electronics include a built in battery monitor and digital thermostat control which allows for easy control of temperature. The fridge also maintains its internal temperature regardless of external/ambient temperature changes. This is now the primary fridge that we bring on our trips.

Learn more , browse the catalog of first-rate products and contact the team at MyOverland Shop by clicking the logo below.