We recently got a chance to test the new Skotti Portable Grill on a camping trip and we really like it.

This grill is quite different from most other portable grills in that you don’t need to carry along bags of charcoal or any other bulky equipment The Skotti Grill is a flat-packing gas BBQ grill which can run from a normal camping gas canister. The grill packs almost entirely flat in its tough velcro sealed pvc case and weighs only 3.3Kg including the case.

Having now assembled and used the grill on several occasions, it does take us only about a minute to setup.


The Skotti is made of stainless steel and when assembled, preheating the grill for 2 minutes is required- and then you can get grilling. The grill is a little cooler at the ignition end and so this difference in temperature can be used to keep food warm or cook it more slowly with less heat.

We found the convenience of a portable gas grill to be great, removing the need to carry heavy fuel, to wait for charcoal to get to the right temperature for cooking (and to cool afterwards) and also removing the need to dispose of burnt coals. But.. if you want to, you can also use the Skotti Grill as a charcoal or wood grill, simply assemble it without the gas burner and baffle , and you can put solid fuel in the base of the grill and use this to cook instead.

When you have finished cooking, the dirty grill can be packed away in the bag with the grill plate facing inward and covered by the bottom plate, to be brought home and cleaned with steel wool or BBQ brushes, and all of the parts including the bag (but not including the burner pipe and gas hose) can be put in the dishwasher.

This is a great,durable, portable and versatile little grill. Learn more at https://skotti-grill.eu/