We hope that all of our readers are safe and well during these strange times. Probably like yourselves we had very few opportunities to get out and about this year, but when we did get a chance to get a few shorter trips in,we really enjoyed it. Nature is a true antidote to many of the troubles of modern life. We hope you all managed to grab some time outdoors also, before the return of winter and the second waves of Covid19. It seems like there is some light on the horizon with some great vaccine candidates in testing. Hopefully, we will experience somewhat of a return to normal next year. In the meantime, as always, we hope that this issue of the magazine entertains you, and gives you some ideas for your future adventures. In this issue, we introduce our own Land Rover Defender Build, with the first instalment in a series which will document an exciting renovation and rebuild of this well travelled TURAS Defender 90. We Tour Poland with Tomek Maj of Land4travel, we take a look at the history of winter tyres and their origin back in the 1930s with Nokian Tyres. Sometimes it’s nice to travel light, and you can learn more about a recent wild camping trip from TURAS team member Paul. We learn about some great organisations around the world, doing their bit to protect the environment and to help to keep the trails open for 4WD Tourers around the globe, and doing our bit, we share some helpful information on how to take a dump (properly) in the wild. This issue also sees part 2 of the Funki Adventures Van Build by team member Frank in San Diego. And as always we bring you the latest top quality camping and touring gear and vehicle accessories with lots of interesting articles and videos.

Enough said , we hope you enjoy this issue …..