The Drifta tool roll is a great way to keep all of your camp cooking utensils together when camping and on the road. Nothing worse than pulling into camp and wasting time searching for your knives and forks, fire tongs, Dutch Oven lid lifter and so on.

This very well made roll is made from high-quality Australian canvas with nine generous internal pockets that will keep all of your bits and bobs neatly in one place. The two eyelets are a simple but a great idea, allowing you to hang the tool roll on the side of your vehicle, our camp kitchen always focuses on the side of the vehicle, so this is a great addition.

When not in use simply roll it up and store it neatly in your vehicle, camper trailer, drawer system boat etc. One of the great things about this roll is that when rolled out you can quickly find the utensil that you are looking for without searching in a box or in your vehicle drawers. When the toll roll is hanging up on the side of your vehicle at camp you also have easy access to all of your utensils, so after your dinner or evening camp barbecue simply put your utensils back in their designated pocket and all is neatly stored and ready for use when making breakfast the following morning. @drifta4wd @drifta_eu