Offroad Monkey is a young business based in Bavaria, Germany. The company has stated that its mission is to make an already great vehicle, the Land Rover Defender, even greater.

This is through the manufacturing of a range of extremely high quality parts and accessories for these venerable vehicles. The Offroad Monkeys products are manufactured using high quality milled aircraft grade aluminium. And, as a small and agile business, the company can also produce custom parts for its customers. Current products from the company include Door Hinges, Window Blocks, Rear Door Hinges, Window Blocks with LEDs, Bonnet Hinges, Sliding Window covers, Adjustable Mirror , Fuel Caps, Spacers for raising Chassis, Hardened brake pistons and more.

Having very quickly built a strong reputation for reliable high quality products, the Offroad Monkeys brand has become synonymous with quality to the extent that the company now also has a range of branded accessories available including a very cool branded Petroleum lamp and a range of T-Shirts. Take a look at the Offroad Monkeys website to find out more details on quality products such as the Door Hinges which replace the original Defender hinges which have quite a few problems. Rust tends to build up and leaks down on the door in a rather ugly manner.

Humidity can get into the car. Experienced Landy drivers know that problem well. Offroad Monkeys has a solution for that problem. Its door hinges made from high strength aluminum are built for eternity. Or check out the Window Blocks with LED lights- seeing and being seen is a must for all off-roaders. With Offroad Monkey’s new window blocks, 2 powerful low beam headlights with 2 power LEDs (each 8 watts) can be mounted. The cables are laid invisibly into the interior without having to drill additional holes. Upgrade your mirror arms with optimally tuned, adjustable mirror arms made of high-strength aluminum, which are available in 2 lengths.

A clever folding mechanism with hardened grid holds the mirror firmly in the direction of travel, even at high speeds without wobbling or folding. For narrow passages the mirror can be folded close to the vehicle and you still have good visibility in the rearview mirror. The arms are available in original length and in 100mm longer version.

The Offroad Monkeys brand has grown to encompass a range of lifestyle products

The long version is ideal for driving with a trailer or box body. The Offroad Monkeys bonnet hinges look great and are the perfect match to their door hinges. Precisely manufactured, stable and long-lasting. They also provide theft protection for the hood.

High Quality LED lights and fixtures

It is not possible to unhook the hood anymore. Made from high strength aluminium they will give yor Defender a bit of a facelift producing a distinctive and original look. The sliding window covers aperture for opening the side windows is relentlessly exposed to all weather conditions. This quickly ages the original part.

These aircraft grade aluminium hinges will take a lot of punishment

Unsightly corrosion spreads and the paint may peel off. With Offroad Monkey’s covers made of high-strength aluminium for sliding windows, this is a thing of the past. The parts are black anodized and can also be painted in your body color.
The full range of Offroad Monkeys Products are available online.