Dry bags are a great solution for protecting your gear from getting wet and dirty on camping trips. Traditionally most dry bags manufactured were small in size and not really suitable for throwing on your roof rack or big enough to carry larger camping related items.

Most dry bags on the market cater to kayakers canoeists, rafting, and other water-related activities where they use the smaller dry bags to store clothes, food, equipment etc and with the sealed designs and materials used they prevent your gear from getting wet when out in the water.

Keep all your gear dry with the DARCHE dry bags

Dry bags are also great for keeping out moisture and dust and are now being looked at more closely by campers and tourers as an option to carry gear on your roof rack and not worry about it getting wet.

DARCHE has clearly seen a need in the market to cater to campers and tourers and has once again come up with some high quality and very practical solutions with the Nero range of dry bags.

These eye-catching dry bags are large enough to even put a swag, camping chairs, and larger camping items into.

Plenty of space to fit your swag

Watertight velcro seams

High quality compression straps with D rings