Phillip Bond, Managing Director of APB Trading Ltd. a renowned UK vehicle outfitting, service and repair company and supplier of expedition equipment is an avowed fan of South African made expedition equipment. One such brand is Bushtech, whose Aluminium canopies are known for their ruggedness and strength. Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the canopies are built to take on Africa’s harsh and rugged landscape which is some of the world’s toughest terrain.

Canopies are a great option for keeping all your gear organised and protected when on the road. And can really make the experience of setting up and taking down your campsite every day a lot more pleasant and much faster. The Bushtech canopies come with door sealing rubbers placed on doors to reduce damage when loading and offloading through the doors. The attractive canopies have a distinctive design and finish that looks great with no exposed welding on the frame, complementing your vehicle’s own finish. The canopies are tough and are load tested up to 2500KG.

The well thought out design for the canopies includes 2 roof rails on the top, allowing you to mount roof racks, crossbars or roof tents. The reinforced frame profile comes with a standard 10-year warranty. Custom internal reinforced slotted roof bars come standard with all aluminium canopies allowing the user to easily attach standard M8 bolts and eye hooks. A unique subframe profile also allows the mounting of false floors and sliders.

The canopies have custom suspension base rubber to accommodate chassis flex and heavy roof loads and also have pre laser-cut holes to run wiring for lights or accessories meaning that no drilling or gluing necessary to add these accessories. Specialised door bracings are mounted to the locks and shocks reducing door flex, dust ingress and providing added security. The canopies also have an pressure equaliser vent to neutralise pressure in the load box.

The continuous hinges are dustproof and waterproof. The canopies have front and rear windows, And have two high quality gas struts per door. The canopies can be ordered according to your personal preference and are available in a tread plate or smooth plate finish.

All Bushtech aluminium canopies come standard with a 10-year frame warranty that is upheld for the full 10 years of the canopy and is not void if the canopy changes hands. Phillip says that the demand for Bushtech Canopies in 2019 and new orders for 2020 has never been higher. Bushtech Aluminium Canopies fit all major pickups including: Toyota Hilux, Toyota Landcruiser, Ford Ranger, Mazda, VW Amarok, , Nissan Navara ,Nissan Hardbody , Isuzu , Landrover , Mitsubishi Triton and Fiat fullback.

To learn more about these rugged canopies or to see one fitted to a vehicle you can pop over to the APB Trading Ltd. depot and shop at Hartlebury and meet Phill and his team, or else or visit the APB Trading Ltd. online webstore where you can find more information and pricing on Bushtech Aluminium Canopies in addition to a wide range of expedition and camping equipment and vehicle accessories, and can also have your vehicle serviced or repaired if required.

Rugged and Spacious

Why choose an aluminium canopy over a stainless steel or mild steel canopy?
Aluminium is around 30% lighter than stainless steel or mild steel and much more flexible, allowing for the manufacture of a canopy that is lighter and stronger. Aluminium is also more resistant to corrosion compared to other materials. Bushtech canopies have been tested to carry over 2500kg. This is critical as weight on the roof is aggravated over bad road conditions. The specially designed frame has been developed to carry load such as rooftop tents and fully loaded roof racks.