Alubox continues to innovate when it comes to designing, building and now customising some of the best adventure and touring boxes on the market. In a previous issue of the magazine, we mentioned a new service on offer where you can now create your own custom made Alubox.

So how does it all work? Alubox has partnered with Vorova whose software allows you to create your custom made Alubox online. With the software, you can choose from a variety of colours and add your company colours and logo giving you a unique Alubox with your branding and will be guaranteed to be one of a kind. We loved the idea and have recently received our custom-designed Alubox and we love it.

The process is fairly straightforward, you just need to visit and follow the instructions, after you use the software and are happy with your designed box all you then need to do is submit your order, the decals/transfers will be delivered by post anywhere in the world and that’s it.

After we designed one of our boxes we received our customised decal/transfer within seven days. Ours arrived in a large cardboard envelope which prevents the transfer from bending. Before you apply the decal/transfer to your Alubox, make sure it is clean and that no dust or dirt is on your box as this could affect how well it transfers/sticks to your Alubox.

You need to take your time when adding the decal, in fact we recommended getting some help when doing this. When you peel off the neatly cut to size decals, just align with the obvious features on your Alubox. Then slowly stick it down and make sure you use a cloth to rub it in as you go, this makes sure that you get rid of any air bubbles and that you achieve a clean finish. It will not be long before you see your custom made Alubox come alive. You can always peel off the transfers a later stage should you want your old Alubox back the way it was.

Alu-box now offer a huge variety of storage boxes that cater for the expedition, military, industrial, emergency services, transportation and now also widely used amongst the Camping and 4WD touring communities all over the world.

Alu-Box Pro Aluminum Storage Cases have:
Spring loaded insulated handles.
High quality piano hinges
Quality fasteners ready for locks and security seals
Easy to grip handles
All internal seams are sealed with silicone and rubber gasket giving them an IP54 rating (dust and water resistant).
The stacking devices are of a very high qualityLU