Well, if you are a frequent reader of TURAS Camping and 4WD Magazine channels, you will no doubt have seen some photos or videos of our team using or demonstrating some DARCHE products. We are big fans of DARCHE here at TURAS, and are glad that we have been able to help bring this brand and its high quality range of products to the attention of our readers in Europe and beyond.

In Australia, the name DARCHE is synonymous with quality and innovation, and the company produces a range of camping and 4×4 touring equipment and accessories, including Tents, Swags, Roof Top Tents, Awnings, Sleeping Gear, Furniture, Gear Bags, Fire Pits and more. Product design is overseen by experienced product developers and passionate staff who are keen outdoor enthusiasts with sound knowledge and experience to match.

The company’s innovative products are sometimes copied but never improved upon, with an unmatched attention to detail and focus on quality, DARCHE has been revolutionising the 4WD camping and touring market for nearly 30 years. Beginning with shaking up the (then-traditional) swag market with the introduction of the Dome style swag, which is now the most recognised style swag around the world. Founded almost 30 years ago by Darren O’Dwyer and his wife Cheryl, the DARCHE brand is still going strong and enjoying an expansion internationally as more and more people become aware of its high quality, tough wearing and long lasting range of products. DARCHE uses superior quality materials in all of their outdoor gear range and constantly develops, researches and refines new materials and technologies to ensure DARCHE products remain leaders in terms of innovation, quality and durability.Now that these products are being seen by the international camping and touring community they are also becoming more widely available worldwide with distributors now in Europe, the Far East, the USA , Mongolia, Thailand and Japan. TURAS is proud to participate in this effort to bring DARCHE products to the attention of a wider audience in Europe and beyond.

We hope that you enjoy our special celebration of the joys of ‘’a Life Outdoors with DARCHE’’. Click  here or on the cover below to access this special supplement.