Rust is the corrosion of metals which takes place under certain conditions, it’s a chemical reaction (oxidation) between steel, or iron, oxygen and water, which causes the appearance of iron oxide (or rust). The most common cause of rust on vehicles is the exposure of metals to water. Salt water causes rust to occur more quickly as salt water accelerates the oxidation process. On vehicles any parts that are made of steel or iron can rust, from panels and the fuselage to critical parts such as chassis, hinges and other structural components.

Definition: ‘rust’ a reddish- or yellowish-brown flaking coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of moisture.

The often harsh and wet conditions of off road driving can also, when combined with rust , accelerate the break -down of important components. For example many Offroad and expedition drivers encounter recurring issues with door hinges on their vehicles. Loose, broken or rusting hinges can be a real pain and even a danger, when on the road.

Understanding the challenges that off-road vehicles face on a daily basis, German Company,
Offroad Monkeys decided to build hard wearing components that are very reliable and are engineered to endure, and have designed and built Land Rover hinges that can take extreme use that would quickly cause less well made components to break down.

Designed and built in its own high tech premises in Germany, these hinges are manufactured from high strength aircraft grade aluminium with high quality lubrication. This aluminium has very strong corrosion resistance and all aluminium has a very long lifetime, and it can be manufactured to be stronger than steel.

The Offroad Monkey hinges are made with inner stainless steel bolts with helical grooves to distribute lubricating grease in an optimal manner, and the hinges also feature stainless steel bearings which can be replaced if needed without having to replace the entire hinge.
For those Defenders that have a spare tyre on the back door, naturally this load takes a heavy toll on the original rear door hinges. Many Defender drivers are familiar with the strong wear of the door hinges and squeaking and creaking noises that can be made by an aging rear door. That was the reason Offroad Monkeys decided also to develop durable rear door hinges, again using high strength aluminum.

These hinges use exchangeable friction bearings and the bolts have a thick helical groove for better dispersion of grease throughout the hinge, the grease both lubricates and combats rust. The hinges can withstand permanent heavy use without wearing out. In addition the precise design of the hinges and the precise fittings means that there will be no intrusion of water or humidity into the doors.

Offroad Monkeys- Real Engineering Solving Common Problems

The Offroad Monkeys team make everything, from the components to the finished part in their own workshop. This family business have been manufacturing parts for both the automotive and motorcycle industry for many years and the team there continually emphasise the importance of using the best materials,to provide the highest precision and reliability and also to combat the onset of rust and to thereby increase the longevity of the parts.
For more information you can visit the Offroad Monkey’s website. Or drop in and see them at Abenteuer and Allrad in June.