Why use a vehicle snorkel?

Vehicle snorkels can help to protect your engine from dust, keep your filters clean, will save you fuel, and help to extend the life of your engine. Snorkels can enable your vehicle to wade through deeper water, protecting your engine and also giving you additional route options. And on the road, snorkels increase the air intake flow to your engine, improving your engine’s performance.

For OffRoad enthusiasts– Off-road adventures and excursions, whether it’s a leisurely weekend trip or a more intrepid adventure, usually mean adapting the capacity of your off-road vehicle.

The priority is to increase your vehicle’s performance and reliability whilst also offering excellent road safety, which is essential when taking on any sort of off-road challenge. The snorkel will also increase performance in your everyday road journeys.

For Vehicle fleets– The snorkel is an accessory well worth bearing in mind when equipping a fleet of vehicles, since the intensive use to which these vehicles will be subjected during their useful life means that they’ll require special protection.

Companies or public authorities can’t allow any of their vehicles to break down due to faults affecting the reliability of the vehicle. Moreover, the snorkel will offer significant and permanent fuel savings.

Learn more about the latest snorkels available from the Innovative company Bravo Snorkel.


The new snorkel kit for the Volkswagen Crafter and the Man TGE is now on sale to meet the demand from owners of these vehicles.

The exterior lines follow the successful design featured in the VW T5 / T6 SVW6 kit, as well as the brand’s high quality standards.
The kit is easy to configure and comes complete and ready for quick and easy installation.

A perfect fit to the vehicle, following the vehicles lines, adds a very elegant touch whilst also improving the performance of the engine.

It is compatible with all VW Crafter and Man TGE models from 2017 onwards.


Owners of Mercedes Sprinter 907 and 910 are already purchasing this novel snorkel for their overland or industrial vehicles. Its a great choice for Sprinter owners.

This kit has been designed down to the very last detail to ensure its compatibility with all versions of these vehicles and detailed installation instructions are also provided.



The new SFR8 kit for the Ford Ranger will be on sale soon, it is compatible with the new 2.0 turbo and biturbo engines, as well as the previous 2.2 and 3.2 from 2011 onwards.

With this version it will not be necessary to drill the fin of the vehicle, as the snorkel can be installed using the original opening on the vehicle. It is valid both for versions with the turn signal in the rear view mirror and on the side grill.


In addition, with this snorkel a second version is also available – the new INTEGRA® range has been launched. As Bravo Snorkel continues to responds to customers for whom aesthetics is very important but who also dont wish to sacrifice performance.

The Bravo Snorkel R & D & I department has carefully studied the airflows in driving to ensure an optimal flow from the side of the windshield, within the aerodynamic parameters of the vehicle and its accessories.

This is a very stylish, and also , a very efficient snorkel. Note: It is not possible to mount a cyclone prefilter with this snorkel.


The new Head Evo is yet another new product, which will soon be included in all the kits in the INNOVA® range, with an exclusive design that will give a very elegant touch to your snorkel.

Having carried out the relevant water evacuation tests, and impact resistance tests, and complying with all EU Directives , this new Head is assured to be a popular choice for those looking to add a snorkel to their vehicles.

Additionally, a new black anodized aluminum clamp has been developed that will is also certified and approved for use in the EU.


Suzuki Jinny (2018-)

Mitsubishi L200/ Triton (2019-)