It’s late afternoon and you have just arrived at your camp, it’s pretty cold, there’s snow on the ground and the sun is going down with just another hour or so of light left in the day. You’re starving and you need to decide should you set up camp first and then prepare dinner or should you quickly rustle up something hot that will fill the gap in your empty stomach and still give you time to set up camp. It really depends on the individual and the situation, but we hate working on empty stomachs when doing shoots for the magazine, so over the years we have been dabbling in different types of tasty snacks/lunches that can, number one, be prepared quickly, two are tasty and three will fill that gaping hole in your belly and provide enough energy to keep you going in sub-zero weather.

One of our favourite snacks includes the DOUBLE DECKER TOASTIE, this evolving whopper is both hot, tasty and can be prepared very quickly. Anyone can do this; it’s all about using simple ingredients and using the correct cooking method in order to give you a hot and delicious snack with a mouth watering melted interior.All you need here is a portable gas cooker, a frying pan and some sort of a lid that can be placed over your hot sambo and will insulate it as it is being heated on your frying pan, by doing this the cheese in the toasty will melt perfectly.

Its getting late time to find a place to camp

While we are talking about melted cheese, make sure you use grated cheese as this will melt evenly as opposed to placing thick slices of cheese in your toasty, chances are that only half of the thicker sliced cheese will melt. TIP ….Use Melted grated cheese instead of thick slices of cheese in your Toastie.

First up is to fry your bacon, chorizo and your onions in your hot pan.Butter the bread and place the cheese, meats and onions between your slices of bread.(Don’t be shy with spreading the butter on your bread).Make sure your frying pan is hot before placing the buttered bread on it.Place the buttered side down onto the heated pan.

Grated cheese will melt quicker that sliced chunks

Cook your sandwich for a couple minutes on each side with a lid over the toasty, we use a glass saucepan lid to cover the toasty as this allows us to see the sambo toasting on the frying pan. The saucepan lid is very important as it will insulate the heat and melt the cheese quickly. The objective here is to have your cheese melted before the bread starts to burn on the pan.

Keep your ingredients simple

Serve with ready made tomato or chicken soup from a can. The hot cup of soup will keep your hands nice and warm while the cheese and meat filled toasty will fill that hole in your stomach, and after all of this a bar of chocolate will put an extra pep in your step before you start setting up camp.

Always cover the toastie with a lid, this will speed up the melting of the cheese

Remember in cold weather calories will fuel your body and keep you warm at night. So, the secret here is cook something that’s fast, tasty and hot.

Winter Toastie Ingredients – Butter for spreading on your bread – Good thick loafed bread – Grated mozzarella or cheddar cheese –  Chorizo – Bacon or Ham – Onions – Relish of choice – Onions.

The end result

A quick and tasty snack

Serve with some hot soup



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