On some of our recent trips we had the opportunity to use the new FOX 7 rugged off-road navigation GPS from Navigattor.
This is a great device and we really think that an off-road gps is an essential item of gear to have on any off road journey. The Fox7 is great for both planning trips, where you can actually plot your entire route and mark waypoints and other points of interest before you set out on the road.You can also upload WP and Track information files in GPX format.

Navigattor will add any maps that you request to your device before they ship it to you, and you can contact the team at Navigattor any time to request additional maps. This is a very versatile device, you can have multiple maps available for the areas which you are driving through and you can also add your own maps if you have them, it is even possible to add scanned paper maps or specialist maps.

The Fox 7 has a high-gain GPS receiver which is 10 times more accurate than the positioning available on a phone or tablet. The device uses Ozi-Explorer for off-road navigation and iGo or OSMAND for on road navigation.

This is a rugged device and you won’t have to worry about it too much if using it in rough conditions, it can also be used on bikes and quads. Navigattor also sell a range of RAM mounts, which are very tough and hard-wearing mounts, that are made in the USA. A powered RAM mount ensures that the Fox 7 starts to charge as soon as you clip it into the mount.

One of the features that we have relied on the most on recent trips us the ability to access detailed topographical maps and to automatically mark and overlay our track onto these maps as we drive, this ensure that no matter how many twists and turns on the route, we were always confident of easily finding our way back.

The Fox 7 uses Android 6 and so is also a very capable tablet and additional Android apps can be added via the Google Play store if required. The Internal memory has a capacity of 16GB and you can also add a MicroSD card (up to 64GB) for extra storage capacity. The device has 4G connectivity which also means that it can be used to make phone calls and access data broadband.


Our Fox 7 currently contains detailed maps for Portugal and Iceland and we are using it to create a planned route including points of interest for some of our upcoming trips. You can learn more and can order the Fox 7 directly from Navigattor.com
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