If you are planning on getting your car, SUV or 4WD ready for some camping trips in 2023, well one of the best accessories you can get is a descent awning or portable shelter. Awnings and portable shelters now come in all shapes and sizes and are simple to set up in a hurry. They will instantly increase your camping space and keep you well sheltered from the elements.No more sitting in your vehicle waiting for the rain to stop.

Portable shelters are getting very popular, particularly for those who go family camping trips in a car, they are an excellent solution for cooking, eating, or just relaxing under the canvas when the sun is either splitting the rocks or when it’s raining. With some options on some designs now allowing you to add side walls which give you extra space and comfort from windy conditions while also providing an enclosed sheltered area where the kids can play in comfort and not worry about the bad weather.

The team at Darche has combined their innovation and expertise to bring to the customer a new range of gear that is a bit lighter to carry, less expensive, and designated for a more generic family SUV and car camping market. As previewed in the last few issues,the Kozi range is designed to make family camping more accessible, affordable and functional. In the previous issue, we had a look at the Kozi Roof Top Tent and in this issue, we want to have a closer look at another Kozi product that very much compliments the family camping set up.

Introducing the Darche Kozi Range Compact Shelter.Ideal for camping, picnics or a visit to your favourite lake or beach, the DARCHE Kozi Series Compact Shelter is the perfect portable shade solution. The instant frame system makes setting up and packing down a breeze. The lightweight and compact design make it easy to store at home or in the car.

This simple to use shelter also comes with the option of purchasing four additional and easy attachable solid walls. This allows you to completely close in your shelter and keep the rain, wind or to help keep the sun out in hot conditions. With UV50+ protection, these walls will keep you and your family safe from the sun. All up this is a perfect solution for your family camping setup.