Welcome to the billion-star hotel…

No other CAMPWERK tent offers the same level of “starriness”. In the comfortable berth atop your car or trailer. The “Adventure” roof top tent is a great solution when it comes to spontaneous road trips to take you away from the everyday hustle and bustle. It’s all about the fun here—and easy handling. With an extremely spacious interior and easy access to the huge sleeping area with its 8 cm thick mattress is provided via the included ladder. During trips to the countryside (or waterfront), the roof top tent transforms into a slim packet, which has a very low profile atop the vehicle.

A large living quarters is provided via the extension tent, which can used as kitchen, locker room or simply as an additional living room. The integrable floor in the living area and the fully enclosed walls make sure that damp ground and bad weather are kept at bay. If your vehicle is a high offroader or a low convertible–the extension tent comes in a variety of different sizes.

The two large windows of the “Adventure” roof-top tent sport an ultra-fine, rugged mosquito net and weather protection that can be closed from the inside, in addition to a gigantic rain shield to allow air into the tent even in strong rain conditions.
Inner tent/Inner cabin Breathing, sweating, and cooking creates a lot of humidity that may condense on the inner surface of the outer tent, especially at night, this condensation is reduced thanks to the CAMPWERK inner tent.

The CAMPWERK Inner Tent

The CAMPWERK inner tent, which is velcroed to the poles of the roof top tent, creates a double-walled tent. Made of pure cotton, the inner tent has zipper openings on every entry side and on both window sides for improved ventilation on hot days. The CAMPERK inner tent can be combined with similarly dimensioned roof-top tents from other manufacturers.

The tent cloth consists of a high-end 260g, polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon, resulting in a rugged, breathable fabric with a pleasant feel and great dimensional stability. The cloth, which is also used by the military, is both extremely tear-resistant thanks to the ripstop nylon and waterproof to the extreme (600 den, water column: 9000 mm) due to the coating. The tent base is made of an aluminium composite panel, which is characterised by high bending strength, very low weight, and outstanding planeness—the perfect solution for car tops. Having said that, the tent poles are worth their salt too, packing anodised aluminium tubing and special stainless steel components. This modern finish confers very good corrosion resistance and a pleasant feel.


The ladder will get you to your roof top tent without hassle. The extensible, heavy-duty ladder is made of anodised aluminium.
An optional extension is available that lets you access higher vehicles of up to 2.40 m.

Mattress underlay

The mattress underlay protects your mattress from moisture from below. The aluminium floor of the tent may build up condensation when there are temperature differences. CAMPWERK recommend using the mattress underlay to dry this moisture and keep it from encroaching into the mattress. The underlay consists of a high-density mesh fabric that ensures good under-mattress ventilation even under stress.

Extra-strong tarpaulin

The tarpaulin protects your roof top tent when travelling. The tarpaulin is made of a particular rugged, thick PVC material. The heavy-duty zipper and hook and loop fastener provide a maximum of protection against rain and dust.