The DARCHE 270 Eclipse Awning – now available in Europe. The number of people getting into 4WD touring in Europe is definitely on the increase with more and more adventurers looking for alternative ways to travel and get off the beaten track.

And with this growing interest in 4WD touring/overlanding over the last few years we have started to see an increase in the number of people using awnings as a key accessory to their 4wd’s and touring vehicles.

The DARCHE 270 Eclipse Awning – Awning designs for vehicles have come a long way in recent years and now come in all shapes and sizes. They are simple to attach to your vehicle, all you need is either a roof rack or roof bars with attaching mounts and when fitted you will have easy access to instant shelter from the sun or rain.

Having used different types of awnings on various excursions we now never go on a camping trip without one. They are a great solution for providing shelter for cooking,eating or just relaxing under the canvas away from the glare of the sun or when it’s raining.

As product designers and manufacturers continue to compete in this growing market of adventurers we have seen some numerous innovative awning designs enter the market in the last few years.

Some awning models are now free standing requiring no poles to support them (though in windy conditions you need to keep an eye on these setups) and with other companies like DARCHE offering the option to add side walls to their awnings, this has opened up a whole new world for 4WD campers.

The addition of side walls to your awning offers a number of advantages, including acting as a windbreaker, providing an enclosed sheltered space that allows the kids to play in comfort while your waiting for the rain to pass.

This type of a set up generally enhances your base-camp by providing a space where you can cook and relax. Another advantage includes being able to provide shelter for those who want to roll out a swag under the awning or even set up a small tent under the additional expansive space.

DARCHE have recently taken the concept of an enclosed walled awning to an entire new level with the launch of the Eclipse 270°Awning. With over two years in development and now available in Europe through XP-editions the Eclipse 270° Awning is a class leading design that stands out when it comes to innovation and the sheer amount of space that this awning with its walls attached covers. Over the last two decades the Australian company DARCHE have been designing predominantly swags and tents and so it was a natural progression for these innovative camping gurus to expand its 4X4 touring offering that now includes some top quality awning innovations. Constructed and engineered to specifically suit Australia’s rugged touring conditions these awnings are made from top quality materials.

Constructed and engineered to specifically suit Australia’s rugged touring conditions these awnings are made from top quality materials.

The eye catching DARCHE Eclipse 270° Awning has definitely reached new heights when it comes to providing optional walls and a very generous sheltered space. The Eclipse 270° Awning will have you and the kids more than covered from unexpected showers and from those hot sunny days. For those of you who have a family you will have plenty of space to shelter from the elements and set up camp under with a very impressive 11.5m2 of covered area to relax under.

With the optional walls erected, a whopping 20.5m2 of sheltered area can be achieved. Each optional wall can be set up as a wind and weather breaker or as an upright awning extension, allowing the Eclipse 270° Awning to extend further up to 4.2m in total, featuring 2x pivoting alloy telescopic poles which are neatly stowed along the rafter when packing away.

Designed as a freestanding unit to ease set up and pack down only, the Eclipse 270° Awning is easily set up by one person.

Hinged from both ends, the huge Awning spans along the full length of the vehicle as well as the rear. ‘’Made from DARCHE’s proven and hard wearing proofed poly cotton ripstop canvas, a strong light weight box tube alloy rafter system, and pivoting from heavy duty steel and alloy swivel hinge system, the Eclipse 270° Awning definitely holds its own and certainly will turn heads at the campground.’

As awnings go this one definitely stops you in your tracks, it’s the sheer expansive sheltered space provided when the walls are attached thats gives this awning a unique selling point. This awning is now available in Europe through XP-edition who also supply and number of other DARCHE camping products, for more information on the impressive Eclipse 270° click here.


The heavy duty mounting brackets instantly instill confidence in the quality of this awning kit.

Despite its size the Eclipse 270° Awning hinges from two sides allowing the awning to neatly attach to your vehicle’s roof rack.

The share walled sheltered space makes this awning stand out from the rest, the awning alone covers 11.5m2 and with walls fitted, the set up covers approx. 20.5m2 depending on height of vehicle.

The awning boasts tough poly-cotton ripstop canvas that will keep you dry in wet conditions.

The box tube alloy rafter system is lightweight and strong.

The awning incorporates heavy-duty steel and alloy swivel hinge system.

The 3 x pivoting alloy telescopic poles are heavy duty.

The DARCHE 270 Eclipse Awning.