In issue 22 we had a look at the COP 26 conference and what governments were signing up to when it comes to addressing Climate Action.And as highlighted in the article most of us do recognise that the time for sticking our heads in the sand is over as the writing is truly on the wall. And with the recent massive increases in energy, this has made it a hell of a lot more expensive to take our 4WD’s out on longer camping trips. Current international events including the war in Ukraine have without doubt accelerated an already fast-moving transition to hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles.

We have to accept that we do all need to move away from Diesel and Petrol engines and in many courtesy we won’t have a choice in the near future. We are now seeing countries, particularly in Europe getting very tough on the use of diesel cars.For example, the Brussels regional government will be introducing a ban on diesel cars in the region by 2030 and petrol cars by 2035 in an effort to meet the European Union’s carbon neutrality goal by 2050. The ban will also apply to vehicles running on compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and hybrids from 2035.

Like many of us, the TURAS team all of whom own and love 4WD vehicles are very much aware about what is coming down the line, with the cost of electrical conversions pretty much out of reach for most of us, well certainly for the moment, we do realise that we will have to look at more affordable ways to fuel, excuse the pun our love for getting outdoors and camping with our friends and families.

The Darche KOZI Series is designed to make family camping more accessible, affordable and functional.

We added the slick and lightweight Kozi Series Roof Top Tent to the Honda. It basically is the same process as attaching other tents to a 4WD only difference here is that the tent is just so much lighter. This lightweight RTT is made with an aluminum baseboard, weighing just 45.3kg, this model is easy to set up and will suit a wide range of vehicles. With plenty of space for two, the sleeping quarters include a high-density foam mattress with a removable polycotton cover for a comfortable night’s sleep and easy care. It also incorporates the very popular zippered sky window with multiple windows and air vents for great ventilation.

Made from premium 300D Polyester Oxford material, This tent has an impressive PU 1500mm water rating, seam sealing, and a removable polyester fly that will keep you dry in extended rainy conditions, giving you great protection from the elements all year round. The pre-mounted channel rails suit most commercially available flat roof rack or roof rail systems. Make sure to check the weight rating and suitability of your roof rack and vehicle.

Look straight up in our view this is the future of family camping, as we all make the transfer from heavy 4WDs to lighter electrical vehicles we do need to look at changing our views on the need to have a heavy 4WD particularly if we don’t really use it for what it was built for. We have to know doubt that there still will be options for those of us who do like to get off the beaten track and we all know that in order to do that we will need a capable 4WD vehicle to allow us to enjoy this lifestyle. The only difference here is that we will have to look at more environmentally friendly options as the reality is that Diesel and Petrol powered vehicles are becoming a thing of the past.