Welcome to Issue 24. In this issue, we tour friendly Albania with Tomek and the team at Land4Travel.

Electric Vehicles are making inroads into every area of life, recreation, transport, agriculture, and more,  in this issue we take a look at some innovative new EVs, Including one ambitious project to drive a custom EV to the top of Chile’s highest active volcano using only sunlight as a power source (Peak Evolution).

We explore the Strzelecki desert in Australia. As usual, we take a look at the latest gear, with a new range of products ‘KOZI’ available from Australian brand DARCHE. This new range from DARCHE is lightweight and is suitable for use when car camping as well as camping with 4WD vehicles.   We goCamp Cooking with Petromax, install some vehicle storage systems with Trek Overland, and take a look at a reliable remote power solution from CTEK.

We look at some great options for kitting out your vehicle for your next adventure with a range of premium, top-quality products available from My Overland Shop by Black Label trade and from expedition-equipment.com by APB trading Ltd. and much more.

We hope you enjoy this issue.