Now here is a clever cooking product from the German camp cooking gurus, Petromax. The high-quality griddle and firebowl is a multipurpose steel plate with removable legs that can be used to cook up your favourite camp meal and can then be used as a fire pit to keep you warm on those chilly nights.

One of the key selling points here is the multipurpose use but also the fact that you can remove the legs and neatly store the flat packed griddle and fire bowl in the back of your vehicle or camping trailer.

The fire bowl is also designed in a way that you can cook your food at different temperatures with the centre of the bowl giving the most heat and allowing you to cook other foods slower around the edges of the plate on the generous space provided. If you don’t want to cook with the legs on, no drama you can simply place the fs48 and fs56 plates on the Petromax Atago and cook away without worrying about scorching the ground. (Note that the Atago is available in Europe but not yet available in the US).


The Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl comes in three sizes the fs38, fs48 and the larger fs56, all three come with a high quality bag for storage and with the two handles this product is very easy to handle. The three attachable legs can be screwed into the thread bushings on the bottom of the plate ensuring that the griddle stands safely on the ground, the removable legs makes this product a breeze to transport in the back of your vehicle, camper trailer or caravan.

The Petromax fire bowl can be used as a cooking griddle and a fire pit

The multi-purpose griddle and fire bowl can be used on an open fire, with the Petromax Atago, on a suitable barbecue or on a gas flame. As the centre of the griddle gets hotter than the outer surface, it is possible for food that requires different cooking temperatures to be ready at the same time. Moreover, meals that have already been prepared can continue cooking or be kept warm on the edge of the griddle.

Enjoy an open fire on the Petromax firebowl

You can also use the fs38, fs48 or fs56 as a fire bowl by simply placing wood on the plate this will help you avoid burnt patches at your favorite camping ground.. It goes without saying that you should not use the fire bowl in a closed room and always let the griddle cool down after use, then remove the ashes from the fire, dispose of the ashes properly,in the morning all you have to do is clean the plate and you are ready cook up your favorite breakfast, it’s as simple as that.

The fire bowl comes with a high quality carrier bag.

Screw in the three legs

On leaving the factory your new griddle and fire bowl will be coated with a food safe paraffin oil this prevents corrosion. However you must season your griddle initially before using it for the first time.

Here are some recommended tips;
1. Put some grease on the griddle and heat at a high temperature (e.g. clarified butter or coconut butter) then when melted spread the grease on the whole surface of the plate , e.g. with a brush.

2. When the griddle is hot, put some raw potato slices (with or without peel) and add a teaspoon of salt

3. Fry the potatoes and turn them over frequently, cook until the potato slices become dark and brown. After a while you will notice that surface of your griddle will change colour and is dark in places as the patina (Patina is of italian origin and means “Green or Brownish colour”) characteristic develops.

4. Dispose of the potatoes and let the empty griddle cool down. Wash your griddle with hot water and carefully remove any possible cooking remains. Then dry up the griddle thoroughly and grease it again.

5. The Petromax fs is now ready to be used for your next camping trip.

It is important that after each use you wash the griddle with hot water or wipe it down with kitchen paper. Dry thoroughly and then grease lightly in order to seal the surface of your griddle and fire bowl, this will protect your firebowl from corrosion. In order to protect from corrosion, there should always be a thin layer of grease on the griddle. The seasoning process can be repeated as often as required.


Put some grease/butter on the griddle and heat at a high temperature

Spread evenly on the plate

Add put some raw potato slices (with or without peel) and add a teaspoon of salt

The Petromax griddle is now ready to be used

Like all Petromax products this is made from high quality materials in Germany and if you follow these simple instructions your griddle and fire bowl will last you a lifetime. Stay tuned for more stories on Petromax camp cooking products in future issues. Happy camp cooking.

When cooking on an open fire, the most difficult thing is getting the temperature right, particularly if your cooking your favourite steak. This is where the pertromax griddle and firebowl comes into it’s own. Because of its size the temperature varies from the centre to the edges of the firebowl. It’s perfect for cooking a nice piece of juicy steak in the wild. We usually select a thick cut of steak like a striploin or fillet due to the intensity of the heat you are going to get on an open fire.

Make sure your griddle is good and hot before adding the steaks

If possible take your steak out of the fridge about 15mins before you cook it, this allows it to warm slightly and the fibres to relax and expand. We like to start off by seasoning it with a some sea salt and black pepper and using a tongs I place the cut of steak in the centre of the firebowl to seal it. Monitor your heat carefully, if it’s too intense in the centre of the firebowl, move it slightly outwards.

We prefer our steak smedium rare so 3-4 mins a side should do. Once cooked, we then rest it on the outer edge of the firebowl for about 4mins while we prepare the rest of the food. For convenience, we usually serve some onions and mushrooms which you can cook alongside your steak and some greens. An easy and quick meal, full of goodness and very satisfying after a day on the road”