On any camping trip where you are bringing along a lot of gear it is very important when packing the gear that one- your gear remains safe, undamaged, and dry and two- that it is easy to access, to use and to stow away and that it does not require rummaging through a disorderly mess of equipment stowed in your vehicle. Vehicle drawer systems and storage systems are a big step in terms of organisation, but you just cannot fit everything in a drawer system and you can also not take a drawer system into your tent or down to the river.

The Nomad Fox stackable storage boxes are designed and manufactured for extreme and intensive use. These storage boxes are perfect for off-road travel, expeditions, military use, for campers, hunters, fishermen, rescue professionals, bikers, kayaking, and adventure sportspeople, …basically any activity that may require the proper storage of your gear for transport and outdoor use.

These boxes are lightweight yet extremely tough. Check out the video linked from this article where the guys at Nomad Fox drive a Defender onto one of the boxes, park it, wait and then reverse back off it, revealing… an absolutely undamaged box! The box and top are manufactured with polypropylene copolymer (PPC), which is highly, impact, and stress crack resistant. This material also retains its characteristics very well at low temperatures.

The rugged, reinforced design is attractive and the boxes come in 3 colours, black, olive green and sand.The boxes have two comfortable locking clasps on the short sides which snap securely closed to attach the lid and also act as lift and open handles. There are also two lift handles on the long sides.The boxes have two main tracks for cargo straps in the width-wise direction and also have a strap notch above the clasps for lengthwise strapping. There are also some notches to allow you to strap down to the box below allowing for multi-level strapping.

There are eight zip tie holes that allow you to very securely seal the box in case it should fall or be subject to rough handling or conditions, or should it need to be shipped somewhere.There are long holes on the reinforced corners that allow for bungee cord hooks to be inserted which allows you to tie lighter equipment onto the tops of the boxes.There are two rectangular areas on the lid where labels can be attached to make identifying the contents of the box easier.

It is obvious that a lot of deep thought and experience has gone into both the design of these boxes and the choice of materials used to build them. These boxes are designed and 100% manufactured in the EU.

A range of accessories is also available for these boxes. Foldable thermal storage bags are foldable while not in use and are moisture and water-resistant. The two handles make lifting the bag out of the box easy. Enough space has been left between the bag and the Nomad Box to ensure that a fully stuffed bag will easily slip into the box. The heavy-duty zipper is tough for overland use. The Nomad Thermal Bag is lined with an insulating sheet finished with a food grade foil. It is intended as a food bag, but due to the interior foil lining, you can also use it for anything that may require to wipe the interior of the bag clean.

This bag also comes with a shoulder strap, so it can be used as a picnic bag or to fetch supplies from the local market. It can also be used as a fridge bag with ice packs. The Storage Bag is also specially designed for Nomad boxes allows you easy access to your stored things without the need to move the box. With its rigid sides and bottom, its fabric-lined interior is ideal for storing clothing or similar items. It has two practical additional side pockets at the ends of the bag and two handles to carry it. The zipper closure is very resistant and allows intensive use. The storage bag comes with a divider (also available separately), is foldable and resistant to moisture and water.

Tough locking storage straps secure the boxes to your vehicle and can be used both to fix cargo outside and inside the vehicle. The standard webbing buckle comes with an orange rubber cover to prevent marks and scratches.