Introducing the New and Improved Road Shower 4

The joys of enjoying a hot pressurised shower in the middle of nowhere that is warmed using a natural heat source has now been realised thanks to the innovative Road Shower.

The Road Shower has many uses when camping

This US designed and patented product has been making waves around the world over the last year. Six years in development this very interesting concept is being continuously improved, with the Road Showers and additional accessories now available in Europe through the UK based Boondock Trailers.

The high quality flexible shower head

The beauty about this product is that it is not only a shower, in fact the Road Shower has a number of other very useful functions. The Road Showers is primarily used as a shower where you can have instant and easy access to pressurized water wherever you go without the hassle of propane, pumps, or long set up times.

The Road Shower comes with all the required accessories

With the hot or cold pressurised water it also has many other uses; it can be used to clean your dirty dishes at camp,clean your gear or that fish you might have been lucky enough to have caught and it can also be used for carrying extra water.

Attach the Road Shower to your roof rack using the supplied brackets


The Road Shower can easily be attached to most rack systems. All you have to do is slide the carriage bolt into the slot (2 mounting options) and attach the mounting bracket.

A second T-slot on the side allows mounting to the side of a roof top basket. The product can be mounted to most vehicles and systems, examples include VW Vanagons, Westfalia Vans, Sportsmobile Vans, Campers, MacGregor 26 sailboats, vehicle factory racks,, Kayak racks, Bike racks, Luggage racka, Yakima, and Thule Racks to name but a few.

Fill the chamber up with either a hose or a jug

Made from powder coated and high quality aluminium the body of the Road Shower is built to take punishment. The bullet style spray nozzle is also well made and can be adjusted to a powerful stream or a gentle spray.

Pressurise the chamber using a hand pump

Clips and velcro secure the hose in place.In the recent versions of the Road Shower pressures as high as 65psi can be reached by pumping the chamber with a bike pump, tire inflator, or a 12 volt compressor, giving you excellent pressure when using it to have or shower or clean your camping gear.

In the summer months the solar heated water in the chamber will heat when you are on the move with hot water capable of reaching 100-115F.

After pressurising the water using a bicycle pump we were very impressed on how far the water actually reached in a test. After the chamber is pressurised to 65psi, you should be able to get several minutes of pressurised water before having to refill the chamber with water and re pressurise.

The flex neck low flow shower head gives you the sensation of showering at home

The Road Shower also comes with a pressure relief valve on the cap for safety. This helps prevent over pressurization and a possible explosion. The cap valve releases at around 55 – 75 PSI depending on air temp, and other factors.

New accessories include the flex neck low flow shower head which gives you the sensation of showering at home it’s that good. The flow of the water can be adjusted at the shower head. You can also purchase an on/off elbow so you can have the shower head on one end of the chamber and your hose on the other end. An extra elbow can be installed on every model of Road Shower 4.You will need an 8mm hex/allen wrench to remove the plug at the end of the Road Shower.

Overall this unit does what it says on the box, we have used it on recent fishing trips and it came in very handy for cleaning a couple of fish we caught, washing the dishes and spraying sand from our camping gear.

The real benefit here is being able to have a warm pressurised shower using the sun to heat your water and not having to rely on gas and expensive plumbed shower units. Going forward the Road Shower will most definitely be permanently fitted on our 4WD.

Check out Boondock Trailers who are the UK and European distributors for the Road Shower