We recently had a chance to try out the new Nokian Tyres Outpost AT All-Terrain tyre. Exploring some forest and mountain tracks, things often got steep and very muddy en route to our final camping destination for the evening. What can we say? We were very impressed by the performance of this tyre, maintaining its grip and traction on all wheels and expelling mud and grit with ease, we never once got stuck, in fact throughout 2 days of driving over muddy mountain tracks we never once got stuck, slowed down or had a wheel spin.

The Outpost AT is the successor to Nokian Tyres well known and well respected Rotiiva AT tyre. According to Steve Bourassa, Director or product and pricing for Nokian Tyres, “As the light truck segment has grown, customers are asking for a variety of performance characteristics from their tires. Some want to be able to carry heavy loads as well as drive off-road. Others are your “weekend warrior” types that use their car for their commute during the week but seek adventure on the weekends. affecting the all-terrain tire segment with
“The Outpost AT is forged to make work productive and leisure time limitless for drivers of large SUVs and light trucks. Hans Dhyrman, director of marketing, added that the company expects its Outpost AT line to have a similar “cult following” to its Hakkapeliitta line.

“The Outpost AT line is a passion product for consumers and drivers,” Dhyrman said. “The AT style of customer is just as passionate about their vehicles and tires as that winter tire enthusiast.”

This tyre has Aramid sidewalls and Gravel Guards that boost the tire’s durability as well as 3D siping that enhances grip in rain, slush and snow conditions but it now also has some new feature an ‘Aramid Shield’, with Aramid fibres embedded beneath the tread to provide resistance to road hazards; Summit Sidewalls, peaks at the top of the tire’s sidewalls, that offer extra grip when the tire sinks into soft surfaces. They also provide an aesthetic that symbolizes the rugged ambitions of the tire’s drivers, Nokian says. Shoulder notches cement the tire’s grip at the point where the sidewalls meet the tread pattern; Canyon Cuts form at the intersection of the 3D tread and the shoulders, allowing drivers to experience extra grip when they encounter unpredictable surfaces.

A Triple Pitch Design that varies the size of the tread blocks within a single compact patch. This allows for acoustic harmonization to help lower the overall noise of the tire, Bourassa said. The strong structure of the Outpost AT supports high load capacity and has deep tread depth with 14/32s for P-metric sizes and 18/32s for LT-metric sizes, Bourassa added.

“The Outpost AT was intended to be a hardworking product,” Bourassa said of the tire with a 60,000 mile treadwear warranty. “Individual sizes were built up with the highest possible load ratings to handle the most challenging loads, whether you’re carrying your work tools and equipment to the job site or hauling loads of wood for the fireplace.”

Compared to its predecessor, the Outpost AT also has improved rolling resistance thanks to a sustainable rubber compound. With today’s EV pickup trucks mandating low road noise and greater rolling resistance, the Outpost AT is “futureproofed” for years to come, according to Bourassa.

Extend your terrain –

The Nokian Tyres Outpost AT helps drivers remove their limits and confidently go wherever their journeys demand, bolstering on- and off-road experiences through supreme traction for all driving conditions. Summit Sidewalls and shoulder notches offer extra grip when the tire sinks into soft surfaces, and Canyon Cuts provide sturdy handling on challenging terrain like mud and sand.

Extend your toughness-

The Aramid Shield technology gives the tire extreme durability and puncture resistance. The tire’s tread and sidewalls are protected by extremely strong Aramid fibers, the same material used in bulletproof vests and the aerospace industry. Aramid embedded beneath the tread helps protect from punctures due to rough terrain and road hazards, while it reinforces the sidewalls to help prevent blowouts from potholes and other obstacles.

Throughout the tread pattern, Gravel guards boost the Outpost AT’s puncture protection. They strengthen the bottom of the tire’s deep grooves, guarding against rocky terrain and allowing the tire to comfortably carve through rugged surfaces.

Extend your travel

The NOKIAN TYRES Outpost AT offers high mileage thanks to a tailored tread whose landscape is forged with protective features. A canyon-deep tread pattern
extends the tire’s service life. And a sustainable rubber compound gets the most out of every journey,creating an efficient and sustainable driving experience. You can learn more about the Outpost AT and see the different sizes that are available on the Nokian Tyres website. This tyre is now available globally.