How to recover a vehicle that is stuck in sand or mud. While recovery kit like TRED’s are one of the best methods for self recovery, sometimes even these tools might not be enough to free a badly stuck vehicle. In this case you will need to use a more heavy duty recovery kit and will also need the assistance of either a winch or another vehicle.

For these situations we use a TJM large recovery kit, this kit contains everything you should need to get out of even the most sticky/stuck situations.

The kit, available from MH 4X4 and TJM stockists worldwide, contains 2 bow shackles, for attaching to vehicle recovery points, a 9m long 8000kg snatch strap, an 8,000kg snatch block (for distributing the load between two recovery points, an 8000kg tree protector (for wrapping around a tree without damaging it, – this strap does not stretch and is used with winch hooks or a shackle) , a 4000kg winch extension strap, a recovery blanket and a pair of heavy duty gloves.

The snatch strap is a large band with elastic properties, which can be attached between two vehicles, the vehicle that is providing the assistance attempts to smoothly drive forwards, which stretches the elastic strap, when the band reaches its maximum extension it ‘snaps’ back to a shorter length, (these straps typically stretch and retract about a meter in length) and pulls the stuck vehicle quickly out of its rut. It’s important to ensure the straps are not in any way damaged and that they are appropriate for the load (look for straps rated 8000kg or above).
This TJM kit also includes a damping blanket, which is a weighted ‘blanket’ which should be secured over the centre of the strap before performing recovery, this is to help to ensure, that should the strap break, that it will not fly loose or whip about and potentially injure somebody.

The snatch block can be used to allow the strap to be attached to the two recovery points on the front of the vehicle being recovered, this ensures that the stress of recovery is not placed on one point of the vehicle, winches can also be attached in order to minimise stress on a single
recovery point of a vehicle.

The winch extension strap is used in situations where a winch cable is not long enough to do the job, it is ‘not’ for use with the snatch strap, rather it is just intended to give a little extra ‘reach’ to a winch cable.

On our fishing trip, the TRED’s were sufficient to get us moving again, but it was a comfortable feeling knowing that with both the Treds and the TJM kit on board, that we were well prepared for any sticky situation.

Check out TJM and MH 4×4 online for more information or to purchase a set of Treds or a large recovery Kit. See link below.


How to recover a vehicle that is stuck in sand or mud

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