Hello Readers, and welcome to our Iceland Travel Supplement. This magazine supplement is the first of several in our new ‘Amazing Destinations’ series. In each edition of this series we will focus on an individual 4WD Touring destination, providing a variety of useful information on the destination, how to get there, and some interesting routes or tracks for you to enjoy when you finally get there. Iceland is a large country, though it doesn’t seem quite as large as it actually is when looking at a world map, in fact, it is the second-largest island in Europe after the UK (Ireland is the third-largest).

With a population of just over 360,000 people, it is also a very sparsely populated country, with most of its inhabitants living in the capital Reykjavík, and most of the remainder living in coastal towns. Iceland is often referred to as the Land of Fire and Ice due to its very active geothermal landscape and its often snowy winter and icy highlands. It is also the land of the midnight sun where in summer the days never end and it never gets dark.

Every time of year offers something different, in Iceland, for example, you can see the Northern Lights in wintertime, the midnight sun in summertime, and it is only possible to explore most of the highlands and interior in the summer months, as the F-Roads (the F is for ‘Fjall’, the Icelandic for mountain) are impassible in winter due to flooding, snow and ice.

The TURAS team enjoyed a trip touring the Icelandic highlands a while back, and in this supplement we share some of our own experiences here. Also included is some information and tips for camping and for driving in Iceland, a look at the climate and weather and at Icelandic Culture and history. We also take a look at some amazing winter tyres from Nokian Tyres, suitable for driving in extremely deep snow. Emil Grimsson of Icelandic company Arctic Trucks shares his experience of working and driving in extreme weather conditions and explains some things to keep in mind when driving in deep snow. All this and lots more, we hope you enjoy this, the first edition in the TURAS ‘Awesome Destinations’ series.