Something G-reat is coming – The Offroad Monkeys have enlarged their stable and are now also offering CNC-manufactured parts for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class for the first time. The G-Class have similar weak points on the door hinges and other external parts as the Land Rover Defender. In the case of door hinges, for example, the largest part is on the inside, but the pivotal point is also here on the outside and is exposed to environmental influences and corrosion.

The newly developed products of the Offroad Monkeys rely on the proven properties from the experience with the Land Rover Defender parts. They are made of high-strength aluminum and have a special surface treatment so that they are permanently corrosion-resistant and resist all environmental influences to rust.

All parts from the Offroad Monkeys are developed and manufactured in a small family business in Bavaria. Where the focus is on producing the highest quality products, 100% made in Germany. The extensive experience of the Offroad Monkeys in the development and construction of high-quality offroad accessories has now reached a new level.