Ironman 4×4 Winch Recovery – Planning on exploring some remote tracks in Europe over the summer months? A 12v winch is one of the most effective tools you can have fitted to your 4×4 and will give you peace of mind before tackling those challenging tracks.

Perfect for pulling your 4×4 out of a bog, up a hill, or through a section that isn’t safe to drive. Winches are also useful tools for removing fallen trees or other obstacles that are blocking your path.Over the years Ironman 4×4 has spent significant time developing and improving it’s range of winches. It produces the only winches in the market which come from the factory with a breather on the motor, in addition to many other class leading features .

Check out the range of the high quality Ironman 4×4 winches now available in its outlets throughout Europe…/12v-electric-winches and check out the video of Mad Matt from Australia showcasing how to perform a winch recovery successfully.

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